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607th Air Support Operations Group [607th ASOG]

The 607th ASOG's mission is to provide the Seventh Air Force and Air Component Commander with an unbeatable theater air control system, execute unmatched command and control, weather, and radar support over technologically advanced communications connectivity, and apply air power to meet the CINC's objectives through control of air assets in support of theater forces.

The 607 ASOG is primarily responsible for supporting the Korean Theater Air Control System (KTACS) by maintaining ground radar sites, with air and tactical air support provided by a tactical air control center, air support operations center, forward air controllers, tactical air control parties, as well as providing weather support, all tied together with communications personnel and equipment. Additionally, the 607 ASOG is responsible for reception, staging, operations, and integration of all joint command and control augmenting forces in the Korean theater.

The 607 ASOG was first constituted in 1951 as the 5th Communications Group. The group has been redesignated several times throughout it's distinguished history, while serving throughout the Pacific theater (headquartered in Korea (1951-55), Japan (1955-57), Okinawa (1957-59), Philippines (1959-71), and reactivated at Osan Air Base in 1980).

The group's early mission was installing, operating, and maintaining radio, telephone, and teletype communications networks. Additionally, the group was responsible for administering a Republic of Korea Technical Training School. In Japan, the group became mobile, providing communications anywhere in the Pacific, especially during disasters and contingencies. In 1959, the group acquired a tactical air control function. In 1964, two tactical control squadrons and a tactical control maintenance squadron were assigned, with two direct air support squadrons joining the group in 1968. For a period in 1971, prior to the group's deactivation that year, the 22d Tactical Air Support Squadron, equipped with O-2 aircraft, was part of the group.

After reactivation in 1980, the group's primary focus has been supporting the Korean Theater Air Control System. In February 1992, the group acquired the Korean peninsula weather mission, which it still holds today, and the Korea-wide intelligence mission, which it held until 15 December 1994. Today, the 607th Air Support Operations Group has units throughout Korea, at Osan Air Base, Yongsan Army Garrison, Camps Humphreys, Red Cloud, Stanley, Casey, Walker, Page and Stanton Army Installations, including the Third Republic of Korea Air Liason Office (TROKA-ALO) .

The 607 ASOG emblem is the fifth for the unit. It is symbolic of the group and its mission. A background of sky indicates the medium through which our mobility is made possible and the globe represents communication connectivity around the world. An aircraft represents the weapon controlled by the unit in the performance of its mission, and seven stars refer to the group's being a part of Seventh Air Force. The emblem bears the Air Force colors, royal blue and golden yellow.

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