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550th Special Operations Squadron [550th SOS]

The 550th Special Operations Squadron was originally designated as the 1550th Flying Training Squadron and activated on 1 April 1971 at Hill AFB, UT. Assigned to the 1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing, and the 1550th Combat Crew Training Wing, the unit was tasked with developing, conducting, and monitoring helicopter flying training. The squadron operated the TH-1 and UH-1 aircraft from 1971 to 1987. The 550th also flew the HH-43 from 1973 to 1975.

The squadron relocated to Kirtland AFB, NM, on 15 March 1976. That same year, the squadron also tasked with conducting search and rescue missions, in addition to its regular mission.

1987 saw the 550th SOS operate the HC-130 and transition that same year to the MC-130P and the MC-130H. The 550th's mission was then changed to that of conducting special operations training.

Redesignated as the 550th Flying Training Squadron on 1 October 1991, the squadron was reassigned to the 542 Operations Group.

It was subssequently redesignated once again, this time as the 550th Special Operations Squadron on 1 April 1994, at which point, it was reassigned to the 58th Operations Group.

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