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49th Flying Training Squadron [49th FTS]

The 49th Flying Training Squadron is a subordinate unit of the 479th FTG, based at Moody AFB, GA. It operates the AT-38B trainer aircraft, the 33rd and last of which it received in early January.

The 49th FTS conducts USAF and International AT-38 flying training. It provides Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) training to pilots and Weapon System Officers (WSO) entering all USAF major fighter weapon systems. This six-week introduction to fighter fundamentals course, introduces pilots to air-to-air employment, air-to-surface attack and low-altitude navigation in the AT-38B.

The 49th FTS also executes Upgrade Instructor Pilot (UIP) training for instructors continuing to Command-wide assignments.

The squadron's AT-38Bs are scheduled to be converted to the "C" model, through an upgrade of the aircraft's avionics system that closely mirrors what the pilots will see in their follow on fighter training, such as a modern glass cockpit and a Heads Up Display (HUD), as well as, taking advantage of the Global Positioning System satellite. Eventually, all AT-38B models at Moody AFB are scheduled to be replaced with "T-38C" aircraft.

The 49th Flying Training Squadron was originally constituted as the 49th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) on 20 November 1940. It activated on 15 January 1941 at Hamilton Field, CA, and was assigned to the 14th Pursuit (later, 14th Fighter) Group, flying P-40 (1941), P-43 (1941), P-66 (1941) and P-38 (1941-1945) aircraft. It was tasked with conducting air defense patrols from 7-12 December 1941.

The 49th was redesignated as the 49th Fighter Squadron (Twin Engine) on 15 May 1942. Actively involved in combat over Tunisa, Anzio, Rome-Arno, Naples-Foggia, Normandy, Northern France, Southern France, North Apennines and Rhineland the Po Valley, the 49th saw combat in the ETO and MTO, from 21 October 1942-1 May 1945. During that time, the squadron was redesignated as the 49th Fighter Squadron, Two Engine, on 28 February 1944. It inactivated on 9 September 1945 at Lesina, Italy.

Redesignated 49th Fighter Squadron, Jet Propelled, the unit reactivated, on 20 November 1946 at Dow Field (later, AFB), ME. It was assigned to the 14th Fighter Group, and operated the P-47 aircraft, adding the P-84 to its aircraft inventory in 1947. The squadron was redesignated as the 49th Fighter Squadron, Jet, on 26 July 1948, and before its inactivation on 2 October 1949, was tasked with an air defense mission (1947-1949).

It was redesignated as the 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron on 11 September 1952 and reactivated on 1 November 1952 at Dow AFB, ME. The 49th resumed its air defense mission using the F-80 (1952-1953); F-86 (1953-1959); T-33 (1952-1953, 1956-1986); F-89 (1959); F-101 (1959-1968); and the F-106 (1968-1987) aircraft. It was reassigned to the 4711th Defense (later, 4711th Air Defense) Wing, on 1 November 1952. Relocating to Laurence G. Hanscom Field, MA, it was reassigned to the 4707th Air Defense Wing, on 5 November 1955; to the 32nd Air Division, on 16 June 1956; and to the Boston Air Defense Sector, on 1 August 1958.

The 49th relocated to Griffiss AFB, NY, on 1 July 1959, coinciding with the unit's reassignment to the 4727th Air Defense Group. It was subsequently reassigned to the Syracuse Air Defense Sector on 15 October 1959; to the Boston Air Defense Sector on 4 September 1963; to 35th Air Division on 1 April 1966; to 21st Air Division on 19 November 1969; and to 24th Air Division on 23 September 1983. The squadron inactivated on 7 July 1987.

Redesignated as the 49th Flying Training Squadron on 11 May 1990, the 49th FTS reactivated on 25 June 1990 at Columbus AFB, MS. Assigned to the 14th Flying Training Wing, the squadron operated the T-38 and was tasked with conductin gundergraduated pilot training. It was reassigned to the 14th Operations Group on 15 December 1991 before being inactivated on 18 September 1992.

The 49th FTS reactivated on 1 July 1993 as a unit of the 14th Operations Group at Columbus AFB, MS.

The 49th FTS was reassigned to the 479th Flying Training Group at Moody AFB, GA, on October 10, 2000.

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