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36th Maintenance Squadron

The 36th Maintenance Squadron/ Munitions Flight [MXS] munitions flight has over 100,000 bombs in stock, the largest air-to-ground munitions stockpile in PACAF. The group build bombs like GBU-12's, Mark 82's and 85's. They also work on countermeasure devices like chaff and flares. The 5,500-acre facility offers plenty of space.

The 36th Maintenance Squadron/ Weapon Maintenance element at Andersen AFB, Guam is the only overseas base for cruise missiles in the Air Force, and one of the two most critical installations that provide rapid re-strike capabilities in the Pacific Region. The 36th Maintenance Squadron gained 10 military positions to support the Conventional Air Launch Cruise Missile program. In all 22 munitions specialists maintain the cruise missiles. The 36th Maintenance Squadron CALCM Munitions Flight is responsible for the missiles until they are called for use. The presence of CALCM's at Andersen AFB, the forward operating location for bombers in the Pacific, allows the military to reach any point in Asia within 12 hours. The other FOL is in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The cruise missiles are internally employed on B52-H aircraft.

The 21-person maintenance team is responsible for 64 AGM-86C Conventional Air Launch Cruise Missile (CALCM) that are capable of flying 600 miles to strike enemy targets while keeping the launch aircraft and crew from harms way. The team's job is to conduct periodic inspections and operational checks on the missiles. The element, which is divided into four different sections, also tests, calibrates, troubleshoots and repairs these 2,000-pound class weapons ensuring that they are in mission capable status.

Andersen became the first installation outside the continental United States to store 3,000-pound conventional air-launched cruise missiles 09 August 2000. The storage of CALCMs at Andersen is part of a continuing effort to build up the base's role as a bomber forward operating location. To bring the CALCMS to Andersen, B-52 weapons crews from the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., and the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, N.D., departed their respective bases and flew to Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., Aug. 7. The B-52 crews began flying CALCMs into Andersen Aug. 9 and completed their mission Aug. 14. Troops from the 36th Maintenance Squadron at Andersen downloaded and stored the cruise missiles in their designated munitions storage area.

The crews frequently practice transporting the missiles to and from the flightline. They also recently participated in the Combat Ammunition Production Exercise (CAPEX). The inspectors were impressed when they smoothly handled the upload and transport of 32 missiles to the flightline during simulated launches.

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