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366th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

the 366th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Munitions Flight supports a variety of customers, foremost of which are four flying squadrons combining F-16 C/D and F-15 C/D/E fighter aircraft and B-1B bombers into a composite force. The wing is merging into an air expeditionary role, specifically, world-wide composite capability at a moments notice. As such, each member of the wing must be ever-ready for rapid deployment to various locations around the globe.

To effectively support the wing a broad range of munitions are necessary to meet the varied and diverse requirements of the four flying squadrons. The Munitions Flight is responsible for six separate missile systems, five guided munitions, and several general purpose and cluster bomb configurations. Several of the committed munitions have recently been adopted which, when coupled with the fact that the Flight possess a relatively new and inexperienced workforce, mark training a very important goal of current and future operations.

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