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23d Flying Training Squadron [23d FTS]

The 23d Flying Training Squadron was originally constituted as the 76th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 20 November 1940. It was activated on 15 January 1941 at Salt Lake City, UT, and assigned to the 42d Bombardment Group (though an air echelon was attached to 45th Bombardment Group, ca. 21 may 1942; Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command, 13 October 1942; and 26th Antisubmarine Wing, 20 November 1942-9 March 1943). Aircraft operated by the squadron included the B-18(1941); the B-26(1941-1942); and the A-29(1942-1943).

During 1943, the unit operated the B-25 aircraft. That same year, on 12 February 1943, it was reasssigned to the 41st Bombardment Group. It was subsequently redesignated on 3 March 1943 as the 23d Antisubmarine Squadron (Heavy) upon its reassignement to AAF Antisubmarine Command. On 9 March 1943, it was again reassigned, this time to the 26th Antisubmarine Wing, (though attached to Trinidad Detachment, Antilles Air Command, 5 August-December 1943). The squadron was reassigned to I Bomber Command, on 15 October1943 and to XX Bomber Command, on 6 February 1944, at which date, the squadron was disbanded at Clovis AAFld, NM. During the course of World War II, the squadron had been tasked with conducting antisubmarine patrols off the US coast (December 1941-December 1943) and with transporting personnel and cargo in Europe(1944-1945).

It was reconstituted, and consolidated on 19 September 1985 with the 23d Troop Carrier Squadron and the 23d Tactical Air Support Squadron.

The 23d Troop Carrier Squadron was itself constituted on 11 November 1944 and activated on 21 November 1944 at Pope Field, NC, assigned to the 60th Troop Carrier Wing, flying the C-46(until 1946) and C-47(until 1947) aircraft. It was reassigned to the 349th Troop Carrier Group, from 1 December 1944 to 7 September 1946. The unit inactivated on 8 January 1958.

The 23d Tactical Air Support Squadron was constituted on 24 February 1956 at Stewart AFB, TN, and reactivated there on 9 July 1956. Flying the H-21, it was assigned to Eighteenth Air Force. It was reassigned to the 322d Air Division from 1 November 1956 to 8 January 1958, conducting helicopter missions in Europe. It inactivated on 8 April 1966 upon its assignement to Pacific Air Forces.

Organized on 15 April 1966 at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, the unit was assigned to the 505th Tactical Control Group, 15 April 1966 (attached to Tactical Air Support Group Provisional, 6250th, 1-8 September 1966, Tactical Air Support Group Provisional, 6253d, 9 September-7 December 1966). It was subsequently reassigned to the 504th Tactical Air Support Group, on 8 December 1966; to the 56th Special Operations Wing, on 15 March 1972; and to Thirteenth Air Force, on 30 June 1975(though attached to 656th Special Operations Wing, 30 June-22 September 1975).

The squadron provided reconnaissance and forward air control over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Southeast Asia, from April 1966-January 1973 and tactical air control for the evacuation of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and the SS Mayaguez incident, in April and May 1975. Aircraft flown during that period included the O-1(1966-1968); the O-2(1967-1971); and the OV-10(1968-1975). It inactivated on 22 September 1975.

The squadron reactivated on 30 November 1975 at Bergstrom AFB, TX as a unit subordinate to the 602d Tactical Air Control Group (later, 602d Tactical Air Control Wing; 602d Air Control Wing), and operating the O-1 and O-2 aircraft(until 1981), as well as the OV-10(until 1980). It transitioned to the OA-10 in 1987 and relocated to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ on 1 July 1980, where it remained until its inactivation on 1 November 1991. During that period, the squadron had been tasked with training forward air controllers, from November 1975-ca. October 1991.

Redesignated as the 23rd Flying Training Flight on 22 December 1993, it was reactivated on 15 January 1994 at Fort Rucker, AL and assigned to the 542nd Operations Group, operating the UH-1H.

Since January 1994, the squadron has provided helicopter training with the US Army to future USAF helicopter pilots in the UH-1H "Huey" helicopter.

Reassigned to the 58th Operations Group, on 1 April 1994, it was redesignated as the 23d Flying Training Squadron on 21 December 1999.

The C-12 was added to the 23d FTS's aircraft inventory in 2000. The 23d FTS, with Det 5, Air Mobility Command Air Operations Squadron (AMCAOS)/Army, oversees the formal training for the Air Force's C-12 C/D Super King Air 200. Det 5 conducts all USAF C-12 flight evaluations, and also assists HQ DIA/Air Operations in world-wide flight evaluations upon request. Det 5, in association with HQ AMC/DOT develops, publishes, and implements curriculum for several courses, including academics, simulator training, flight training for Air Force C-12 initial qualification and initial instructor qualification.

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