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22nd Fighter Squadron (22d FS)

In late 2010, as part of the Combat Air Forces Restructuring Plan, the 22nd and 23rd Fighter Squadrons were inactivated and had 21 of their aircraft reassigned to the 148th Fighter Wing, Minnesota Air National Guard. The remaining aircraft and squadron personnel were consolidated into the 480th Fighter Squadron, which was activated in their place assigned to the 52nd Operations Group.

The 22nd Fighter Squadron was constituted as the 22nd Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) on 22 December 1939 and activated on 1 February 1940 at Langley Field, Virginia. In January 1941, the Squadron relocated to Puerto Rico, where it was stationed when the United States formally entered the Second World War. In March 1942, the Squadron began conducting anti-submarine patrols in the Caribbean, which it continued until 15 May 1943. In October 1942 it relocated to Waller Field, Trinidad, and also operated detachments in Aruba, Curacao, and at Zandery Field, Surinam. During this period, the unit was redesignated as the 22nd Fighter Squadron on 15 May 1942.

In mid-1943, the unit returned to the United States to prepare for deployment to the European Theater of Operations. There it was redesignated as the 22nd Fighter Squadron, Single Engine on 20 August 1943. The Squadron saw combat in Europe flying the P-47 from 8 May 1944 until 8 May 1945, operating from bases in England, France, Belgium, and Germany. The unit remained in Germany after the Second World War before returning to the United States and being inactivated on 31 March 1946 at Howard Field in the US-controlled Canal Zone in Panama. The unit was reactivated on 15 October 1946 at Howard Field in the Canal Zone. It was redesignated as the 22nd Fighter Squadron, Jet Propelled on 27 October 1947 with the arrival of the P-80 (later F-80) aircraft. It was redesignated again as the 22nd Fighter Squadron, Jet on 17 June 1948.

The Squadron returned to Germany, based at Furstenfeldbruck Air Base, on 13 August 1948 where it maintained combat fighter proficiency in Europe. The unit was redesignated as the 22nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron on 20 January 1950 and the Squadron received F-84 aircraft. The Squadron also relocated to Bitburg Air Base, Germany on 28 October 1952. The unit was again redesignated as the 22nd Fighter-Day Squadron on 9 August 1954 and as the 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron on 8 July 1958. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Squadron transitioned from the F-84 to the F-86, F-100, F-105, and then F-4 aircraft. Beginning in the 1970s, the Squadron trained to maintain air superiority in support of US and NATO missions in Europe. In 1977, the Squadron received the F-15 aircraft.

The 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Southwest Asia between 1990 and 1991. On 1 October 1991, the unit was redesignated as the 22nd Fighter Squadron. The Squadron subsequently supported no fly zones over the Balkans and Iraq during the 1990s and combat operations over Serbia in 1999.

After the events of 11 September 2001, the 22nd Fighter Squadron supported Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

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