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22nd Airlift Squadron [22nd AS]

The 22nd Transport Squadron was originally activated in April 1942 at Essendon Airdrome near Melbourne, Australia. Redesignated the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron in July, 1942, the 22nd was a prime participant in the South Pacific, including the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater, and earned two Distinguished Unit Citations and two Presidential Unit Citations. During WW II the 22nd flew numerous aircraft to include the L-4, DC-2, DC-3, DC-5, C-49, C-53, C-60, B-18, C-47, and C-54.

While fulfilling its primary post-war mission at Clark Field, Philippines, a detachment of the 22nd became the first C-54 unit in Europe. Operating from Wiesbaden, West Germany, this detachment played a vital resupply role in the Berlin Airlift.

Tachikawa, Japan, became the next home of the 22nd; and it was from here that the squadron, flying the C-124 Globemaster, participated in the Korean Conflict and earned the United Nations Medal for Humane Actions and a Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. For 21 years the squadron flew many important missions from it's Japanese home. These included the evacuation of 500 wounded French soldiers from Saigon in 1954 and participation in the Lebanon Crisis in 1957. The squadron was redesignated the 22nd Military Airlift Squadron in 1956 and was deactivated in 1958.

After a four year hiatus, the 22nd was reactivated in 1972 at Travis AFB as a part of the 60th Military Airlift Wing. Within a year, the squadron was flying a full mission schedule with the C-5A Galaxy.

While there have been many important missions since 1972, some of the highlights include participation during the evacuation of Vietnam, Operation NICKEL Grass, providing emergency airlift to Israel, and support of combat operations in Lebanon and Grenada. The 22nd led the way in military airlift providing support for the INF treaty, and the oil clean-up efforts in Alaska. The 22nd played a vital role during the Hurricane Hugo relief efforts, Operation JUST CAUSE into Panama, and Operations DESERT SHIELD/STORM which encompassed the largest airlift in history. The redesignated 22nd Airlift Squadron supported Operation PROVIDE COMFORT for the Kurdish refugees, provided humanitarian relief to Bangladesh, and supported the evacuation of military personnel and their dependents from the Philippines through Operation FIERY VIGIL. The 22nd Airlift Squadron played a major role in the relief effort for the famine-plagued country of Somalia during Operation RESTORE HOPE, and continues to provide support of on going world wide contingencies such as OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH, containing aggression in the Middle East, and OPERATION JOINT ENDEAVOR, maintaining peace in the former Yugoslavia.

The 22nd has earned eight Outstanding Unit Awards and four Presidential unit Citations.

The squadron consists of over 230 people consisting of 29 aircrews and support personnel employing 16 C-5 aircraft in worldwide strategic airlift operations. The 22nd AS supports the President, DOD, and allied agencies with contingency support, channel, joint exercise, aeromedical, and humanitarian missions.

The mission of the 22nd Airlift Squadron is to provide combat-ready aircrews for air mobility, extending the reach of America's global engagement forces.

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