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157th Fighter Squadron [157th FS]

The 157th Fighter Squadron was one of only two ANG F-16 units to participate in Desert Storm. The F16A's of the South Carolina Air National Guard played a crucial role in the devastating allied air offensive. For example, on 5 February 1991, on day 20 of the air offensive, "Swamp Fox" F16A fighters left Al Kharj Air Base, Saudi Arabia with some of the F16's armed with "Maverick" air-to-ground missiles designed to destroy pinpointed targets. When this sortie was completed, the pilots reported five Iraqi tanks and one truck destroyed.

The unit deployed to Turkey for ONW in early 2000.

The 157th FS is one of the few ANG F-16 units to operate the HTS-equiped F-16 Block 52 Viper.

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