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148th Fighter Wing Det. 1 [148th FW Det. 1]

The 148th Fighter Wing Detachment is located at Tyndall AFB, FL.

Detachment 1, 148th Fighter Wing is under the operational command of the commander-in-chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Colorado Springs, CO.

Their main mission is to intercept "unknowns" when scrambled by controllers at the Southeast Air Defense Sector AOC, located at Tyndall. As part of the peacekeeping portion of their mission, the deployed pilots also assist drug and law enforcement agencies in drug traffic interdiction. The unit provides maintains aircraft and crews on runway alert around the clock, 365 days a year, for the interception of possible illicit planes entering US air space from over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Detachment consists of 20 Minnesota Air National Guardsmen and four F-16 air defense fighters aircraft. The aircraft and pilots rotate on a scheduled basis from their home base at Duluth. The commander, operations officer and 16 enlisted members of the Detachment are permanently assigned to Tyndall.

As part of Force Structure Changes announced by the US Air Force for FY 99, Detachment 1, 148th FW, would be terminated while an alert detachment at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans, LA, would be activated in early FY99. However, a later Force Structures Change announcement made in March 1999, maintained the 148th FW, Detachment 1 at Tyndall AFB.

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