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135th Airlift Squadron [135th AS]

The 175th Wing consists of two distinct flying units with different missions-the 104th Fighter Squadron, flying the A-10 "Thunderbolt II" single-seat jet and the 135th Airlift squadron, operating the C-130E "Hercules" transport aircraft. The 135th Airlift Squadron's mission is to support tactical forces for worldwide resupply missions and airlift employment operations by airland and airdrop. The mission of the 135th Airlift Squadron is to provide the best trained, highly motivated and committed combat ready aircrews, empowered to respond to any and all taskings in support of humanitarian, contingency and combat operations worldwide.

The 135th AS was the first Air National Guard unit to take delivery of the the C-130J to replace the C-130B which it received in 1980.

The 135th Airlift Squadron supports a number of worldwide missions including troop and armament delivery on rugged landing strips to emergency evacuation and humanitarian relief services.

The 135th Airlift Squadron has provided support for numerous high-profile worldwide missions including Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia as well as humanitarian operations in Haiti and Somalia. In 1998, Maryland Air National Guardsmen and their C-130s responded to the devastation in Honduras and other Central American countries as a result of Hurricane Mitch, as well as Bangladesh to assist with flood-relief activities. Additionally, the 135th has supported other total force missions including counter-drug operations throughout Central America since 1981, and has been directly involved in Operations Southern Watch (Lybia and Oman), Provide Comfort II (Turkey) and Baltic Challenge (Estonia and Lithuania).

The squadron transitioned from eight C-130E to eight C-130J aircraft beginning in FY 1999.

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