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Office of Ship Operations

The Office of Ship Operations formulates national policies and programs for the operation, maintenance, and repair of Government-owned or acquired merchant ships especially the maintenance and readiness of the National Defense Reserve Fleet.

Under the general direction and supervision of the Associate Administrator for National Security, the Director, Office of Ship Operations develops and administers programs, policies, and activities for the maintenance and readiness of Ready Reserve Force ships in order to ensure that these ships can be activated within 4, 5, 10 or 20 days of notification; preservation work plans for each reserve fleet site; and the acquisition, allocation, and operation of merchant ships in time of national emergency. Administer ship preservation programs for the National Defense Reserve Fleet and conduct fleet service activities and engineering studies for improved methods, techniques, equipment, and materials. Establish program inventory requirements and uniform ship repair and maintenance standards, techniques, methods, and procedures. The Office reviews and makes recommendations on applications for ship financing guarantees and operation of Government-owned ships under general agency, ship management, or charter agreement.

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