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Group Southwest Harbor

The coastal area of responsibility for Group Southwest Harbor runs from Port Clyde, Maine to the Canadian Boarder. It encompasses 5,000+ square nautical miles of environmentally sensitive & economically significant resources. Within this area are several significant ports, including Searsport, Bangor and Eastport. The remainder of the coast is a sportsman's dream, sparsely populated by fishing communities and small coastal towns and villages. Located at the northern tip of Georges Banks, these waters have historically supported a major portion o the commercial fishing industry along the eastern seaboard. The area of operations include: rugged/rocky coastline, numerous islands, bays, coves, rivers, navigation hazards, with frequent fog and heavy weather. The operating budget is 1.1 million. An additional 250 thousand dollars is obligated annually from various program sources.

Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor was established in 1996 and is co-located with Group Southwest Harbor. The U.S. Lighthouse Service originally established this 1.7-acre parcel in 1937 for use as a lighthouse depot. In 1966, an administrative and industrial building was completed in response to the expanding missions of the Coast Guard. A new barracks was built in 1968, which subsequently was remodeled and expanded in 1984. Station Southwest Harbor's area of responsibility runs from Petit Manan Point (19 miles ENE of Southwest Harbor) east to Stonington. It encompasses all navigable waters and the offshore islands including Mount Desert Rock.

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