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Group Astoria

Group/Air Station Astoria is co-located at the Astoria Regional Airport in Warrenton Oregon. The missions of the Group/Air Station include search and rescue, law enforcement, aids to navigation support, and environmental protection.

The Group provides Supply, Administration, Medical, Naval and Civil Engineering, Communications and other support functions to all the Coast Guard units stationed in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. These units include the Cutter Cowslip; Motor Life Boat Stations Cape Disappointment, Tillamook Bay, and Grays Harbor; Electronic Support, and Marine Safety Detachments; and an Aids to Navigation Team. The Group also provides limited operational support to the National Motor Life Boat School and Advanced Rescue Swimmer School, as well as providing logistical support to the Pacific Area Cutters Alert and Steadfast homeported in Astoria.

Coast Guard Group Astoria utilizes three small boat stations to maintain a surface search and rescue presence on the northern Oregon and southern Washington coastline. These stations cover from the Quets River, Washington in the north to Cape Kiwanda, Oregon in the south. The stations use a variety of boats for thier missions. Some of these include the 23 footers for harbor and shallow water operations and the 47 footer for heavy weather and surf conditions.

There are three Coast Guard Cutters stationed in the Astoria area. Both the Cutters Alert and Steadfast are under Pacific Area Command. This means that while they are logistically supported by the Group, they recieve thier law enforcement mission tasking from PAC Area. The Cutter Cowslip is subordinate to District 13 Aids to Navigation(OAN). For them it means that they also receive logistical support from Group Astoria, they receive all other tasking from District 13. If needed, any one of the three can become a SAR response unit, in which case they would be tasked by the SMC, or SAR Mission Coordinator, which if a cutter where involved, would handled by either the Group, District 13 Command, or Pacific Area Command.

The Coast Guard uses two advanced training schools to ensure that its people are "Always Ready". These specialized schools train men and women from all over the nation to handle extreme weather conditions. Both are located at the mouth of the Columbia River due to its severe bar and surrounding surf conditions.

The other subordinate units of Group Astoria include the Marine Safety Detachment, Aids to Navigation Team, and the Electronic Support Detachment. Of these units only the Aids to Navigation Team has an internet site.

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