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Special Operations Joint Task Force - Bragg (SOJTF-B)

Special Operations Joint Task Force - Bragg (SOJTF-B) is a joint special operations task force that works to man, train, and equip US service members preparing for deployment to Afghanistan to support Special Operations Joint Task Force - Afghanistan (SOJTF-A). SOJTF-B reports to US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and works closely with SOJTF-A.

SOJTF-B was activated in August 2012 as the US work began to synchronize Coalition and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) special operations efforts in Afghanistan. This effort culminated with the activation of SOJTF-A in Afghanistan in early 2013. The two units intentionally had a close working relationship. This could be seen when the Department of Defense announced on 23 January 2014 that Brigadier General Mark C. Schwartz, then deputy commander of SOJTF-B would be reassigned as deputy commander, SOJTF-A. This announcement was made as part of a broad announcement of new general officer assignments.

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