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Medical Service Corps (VMU)

The establishment of departmental medicine within the Ukrainian state security system was predicated by the need to fulfill a number of specific tasks, most importantly those related to the selection of candidates for military service with good health, moral character, and psychological fitness to work under extreme conditions. It was also determined by the need to build an efficient system of providing medical services to state security officers.

In August 1946, a clinic of the Sanitary Division of the State Security Ministry at the Council of Ministers of Ukraine was opened in a small two-storied house at 11, Rosa Luxemburg Street, which once belonged to sugar manufacturer Tereshchenko. In addition, an in-patient medical treatment facility for 50 beds was opened in Sviatoshynska Street. It served as the starting point for creating an integrated system of state security departmental medicine. At present, Medical Service Corps (VMU DZ SBU*) is an organizational, methodological, and medical treatment center providing necessary medical help to SBU personnel and members of their families in all regions of Ukraine.

Since 1983 the VMU DZ SBU* is headed by Major-General of medical corps, Mykhailo Petrovych ZAKHARASH, Doctor of Medicine, Merited Doctor of Ukraine, and a Professor.

Over 80 percent of patients undergo a full treatment cycle at the Central Consulting Clinic, where they are treated by doctors specialized in 25 different medical fields. The establishment of a day out-patient facility in 1990 has widened the range of ambulatory medical care for on-the-job patients.

Particular attention is paid to improving the prophylactic work and the follow-up measures, due to which the SBU rightly occupies a leading position in the system of Ukrainian medical care institutions, considering the VMU's integrated organization system, spectrum of methods, sophisticated technical equipment, professionally trained doctors, thorough medical examinations, relationship between diagnostic and treatment departments, and opportunities for ambulatory, hospital, and sanatorium-resort therapy.

The Central Clinical Hospital is the main medical treatment institution in the VMU DZ SBU*. This modern-day treatment facility with a high level of medical technical equipment and skills of doctors and nurses is able to provide full-fledged in-patient medical help to people suffering from diseases that require therapeutical, cardiological, surgical, neurological, otorhinolaryngological, or ophthalmologic treatment. Every year about 5 thousand patients undergo treatment in its wards. In recent years, advanced modern-day methods have been introduced at the hospital for treatment of patients, in particular plasmacytopharezis, hyperbaric oxygenation therapy, absorbing methods of detoxification, quantum therapy, laparoscopic surgery, etc.

The surgical department is one of the most important in the hospital. Its doctors perform surgical procedures on organs in the abdominal cavity, and blood-vessels, etc. The first to introduce a method of laparoscopic surgery in Ukraine in 1994, the department continues to apply this method successfully for the treatment of abdominal cavity diseases and gynaecic pathologies. It is also a clinical teaching and study center for students, clinical residents, and interns of the Ukrainian National Medical University and the Military Medical Academy of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Methods of physical therapy and medical gymnastics are widely used in the comprehensive treatment of patients. In particular, they can undergo restorative treatment at the post-treatment care facilities in Vorzel.

Right after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the VMU's officers were the first to draft by April 28, 1986, an instruction on how to behave in a 30-km exclusion zone. It established an in-depth examination, and recommended a series of treatments and prophylactic measures to counteract radiation effects on the human organism. The VMU* staff was urgently trained to carry out prophylactic measures, diagnostics, and treatment of radiation injuries. In particular, VMU* specialists were the first in the world clinical practice to have succeeded in applying detoxification methods and quantum therapy for detoxification and decorporation of radionuclides. The effectiveness of these methods has not been surpassed by their effect, especially at a stage when high exposure doses are received. In 1990, a research department was established in the VMU* to study the adverse medical effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. While carrying out research into the influence of high ionizing radiation on human health, the department is also engaged in research and development activities concerning the most vital issues of military medicine.

Managing the good health and treatment of SBU officers and their family members is among the priorities of the activities of the VMU DZ SBU*. A sanatorium-resort system has been created to provide for year-round treatment of various diseases. Full-scope treatment at the excellent treatment facilities of Yalta, Yevpatoria, Odesa, Truskavets, and Vorzel promotes both the renewal of human psychoenergetic potential and the prevention of a variety of diseases.

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