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State Border Directorate for Operations and Searching

The State Border Directorate for Operations and Searching of the Border Troops of Ukraine conducts counterintelligence operations along Ukraine's border, at border crossings, and in Ukraine's territorial waters.

Under the new law On the Border Security Force, border guards are allowed to encourage the local residents who help them. It is also planned to institute in frontier villages and districts the office of border security inspectors working under contract who will not only guard the border but also perform operative work. It was planned to divert the main effort of border guards to defending Ukraine's eastern and northern borders. It is intended to deploy another sixty border security units during 2001 on the Ukrainian-Russian border. This was done because most of the contraband and illegal immigrants make their way into Ukraine from Russia and Belarus, not because Ukraine wanted to fence itself off its eastern neighbors.

A meeting between the border security commanders of Ukraine and Russia, who decided to further develop their cooperation and mutual assistance. In particular, it was planned to carry out several joint operations a year to foil smuggling, arms trafficking, and illegal migration.

FREEDOM Support Act (FSA) programs bolster security and stability throughout Eurasia, thereby enhancing US national security. The primary objectives of FSA-funded law enforcement assistance include improvements in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies' capabilities to combat money laundering, enforce intellectual property rights, and improve border security against transnational criminal activities such as narcotics smuggling and trafficking in persons (TIP). FY 2005 funding supports the development of a financial intelligence unit to assist in the detecting suspicious currency transactions in Ukraine. The provision of training and specialized forensic equipment supports the efforts of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to detect and prosecute criminal violations of intellectual property rights, and, pending the conclusions of an FSA-funded assessment, FY 2005 assistance also supports the creation of a patent,trademark,and copyright claims database for use by Ukrainian agencies. To further support efforts to combat TIP, a TIP Prevention Center was financed to build community awareness of trafficking issues and TIP investigative techniques were shared with prosecutors and taught at Ministry of Internal Affairs' training centers. Funding also supported the establishment of a bilateral working group to guide the transition of the paramilitary Ukrainian Border Guards to a civilian police force.

The California program with the Ukrainian Border Guards was developed over a period of three years. It is designed to do a number of things: Support the US Ambassador's program to enhance the capabilities of the Border Guard service. Provide partner agencies for the ground, aviation and maritime branches of the Border Guards to address specific needs of each branch. Enhance basic law enforcement skills and officer safety techniques of individual Border Guard members, through a program of mobile training teams, academy exchanges and shadow tours with California law enforcement agencies. Provide specific skills enhancement for counterproliferation operations. Add value to US-funded equipment grants by providing hands on familiarization with equipment, for primary operators and in train-the-trainer programs. This is a unique program because it provides tangible benefits for both sides. In addition to the benefits that will accrue to the Ukrainian side through the points outlined above, the California side will benefit by gaining greater knowledge of and access to local Ukrainian-American communities in California. For example, there are over 80,000 Ukrainians and other Slavic residents in Sacramento County alone, with a clear need for better access to law enforcement services in the area.

Ukrainian Border Guards Aviation Branch (fixed wing).

Ukrainian Border Guards Aviation Branch.
Ukrainian Border Guards Airmobile Troops. Ukrainian Border Guards Southern District.
Ukrainian Border Guards Southern District. Ukrainian Border Guards Southern District - 79th Detachment.

Ukrainian Border Guards 27 Mukachevo Detachment

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