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Department for Special Telecommunications Systems and Information Protection (DSTSZI)

On August 25, 1991, on the very next day after Ukraine's declaration of its independence, senior state officials decided to put special telecommunications systems within the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Subsequently, the Law of Ukraine "On the Security Service of Ukraine" legislatively determined the procedure of providing both secret and cryptographic communications support to Ukrainian authorities and corresponding state officials.

The new historic epoch in the formation of a sovereign European country required working out new policies on the development and improvement of special telecommunications systems and protection of information. To fulfill the task effectively in the shortest possible term, in October 1992, the Governmental Telecommunications Directorate, a body which at that time only provided support of a regional network within the Soviet Union's special telecommunications system, was reorganized into an SBU element - the Main Governmental Telecommunications Directorate. Its key objective was to create an independent governmental telecommunications system for the sovereign state.

Within a fairly short period, the Main Governmental Telecommunications Directorate gradually transformed the inherited fragment of the governmental telecommunications network into an integrated national system of governmental telecommunications to serve state governance interests and to provide support for transmission of confidential information.

Actually, the development of the governmental telecommunications system and the necessity to expand its tasks are affected and determined by the implementation of large-scale economic and political reforms in Ukraine, in particular by cardinal structural and technological reforms in the telecommunications sphere, directed at introduction of new information and telecommunications systems and support of Ukraine's entry into the global information space.

In February 1998, the President of Ukraine set new tasks for the SBU's Main Governmental Telecommunications Directorate regarding cryptographic and technical data protection in telecommunications and information systems. Two months later, by May, this SBU element was entrusted with the implementation of state policies in the area of cryptographic data protection as it was decided to eliminate the Main Directorate for Technical Protection of Information in the State Committee of Ukraine for State Secrets Protection (DerzhComSecretiv*).

To concentrate state efforts in the area of information protection, it was determined by an order of the President of Ukraine of August 1998 to establish the Department for Special Telecommunication Systems and Information Protection (DSTSZI SBU*) within the SBU on a basis of its Main Governmental Telecommunications Directorate, and include the experts from the Main Directorate for Technical Protection of Information from the State Committee of Ukraine for State Secrets Protection (DerzhComSecretiv*) into the department.

In September 1999, the DSTSZI was charged by a presidential decree to implement state policies in the area of technical protection of information.

Today, the DSTSZI SBU is a central authority in the country, responsible for cryptographic and technical protection of information.

Over a short period of its existence, the DSTSZI SBU has succeeded in accomplishing a number of priority tasks for improving data protection in the governmental telecommunication systems. In particular, the DSTSZI's efforts were focused on the following:

  • creation of a special telecommunications equipment complex to provide reliable communications support for the President of Ukraine during his stay in any place around the globe;
  • drafting and enactment of basic regulatory and legal acts on the cryptographic and technical protection of information;
  • deployment of a system to license business activities for licensing in the area of the cryptographic and technical protection of information;
  • creation and accreditation of laboratories and agencies for certification of technical and cryptographic information protection means;
  • exercise of the state control over classified information protection; and
  • carrying out of a stage-by-stage modernization of existing information protection means and special telecommunication systems, including the creation of advanced systems, based on a systemic approach in the conduct of research and development, etc.

Taking into account that the DSTSZI SBU has developed substantial experience in the area of information protection, it was vested by the President of Ukraine in his Decree of April 10, 2000, with the task to ensure state information resources protection in data networks on the basis of the national policy on information protection. Moreover, the DSTSZI SBU has been established by the decrees as a central state authority in this area, remaining an element of the SBU.

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