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Department for National Economy Counterintelligence Protection (DKZED)

The Department for National Economy Counterintelligence Protection (DKZED*) was created in 1998. It is a leading element within the SBU system which is directly responsible for organizing, conducting, and coordinating operations of national economy counterintelligence protection elements in SBU regional offices. It drafts propositions and measures on tactics and strategies with respect to protection of state secrets, national economy, science, technology, and transport.

Key Functions of the Department for National Economy Counterintelligence Protection (DKZED):

  • to organize, implement, and coordinate measures on uncovering, prevention, and preclusion of spying activities of foreign intelligence services targeted at national economy; to provide for the protection of state secrets, and priority defense and industrial or science and technology designs; to
  • support efforts toward maintaining national science and technology potentials by organizing and implementing measures to uncover attempts at and to prevent intelligence services and organizations, as well as separate representatives of foreign countries from getting access to them;
  • to collect and analyze information on operating conditions at strategically sensitive installations and in economy sectors, in particular energy and fuel supply, and transport sectors, as well as at environmentally hazardous facilities for identifying preconditions for damages to national economic interests, prevention of technology-related accidents, emergencies, disasters, and nuclear terrorism; to timely inform relevant state authorities about negative trends and facts, their causes, possible effects, and ways of dealing with the exposed shortcomings;
  • to implement measures for safeguarding national interests in the course of denationalization, restructuring, and privatization of public property, and in the area of foreign economic activity, and for the detection and preclusion of the illegal use of public financial and material resources, or foreign loans and investments;
  • to assist public authorities and administrations in the implementation of the most important state programs, and first of all in the area of the military and industrial complex; and
  • to identify negative trends and schemes of illegal activities damaging to national economic interests; and, in cooperation with other SBU elements, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, to carry out organizational, operational, and investigative measures to eradicate the shadow economy, prevent its integration into international organized crime, and prevent corruption in public administration bodies and corrupt actions on the part of individual officials.

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