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State Archives Department of the Security Service of Ukraine (DA)

The SBU State Archives Department was established by Regulation #206 on 1 April 1994 by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of archival records made in the course of work by state security authorities in the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and modern-day Ukrainian security authorities.

The DA SBU* is composed of the following divisions:

  • Division for Archival Records Acquisition and Logistical Support;
  • Research Division;
  • Division for Information and Use of Records; and
  • Temporary-Storage Archives of SBU regional offices.

The DA SBU is situated in a specially-equipped building to meet up-to-date requirements on documents' storage. The entire space of the archival storage rooms is 1521 square meters, and the total shelf length is 7690 meters.

Including the records of regional SBU offices, there are over 930 000 documents in DA SBU's keeping. As most of them relate to operative and investigative activities of state security authorities, they have a special-use requirement under the Law of Ukraine "On State Secrets."

Arranged by either functional or personal indicators, 73 sections of the archives contain documents that were prepared in the course of carrying out operations and performing service functions by the VUNK*, DPU*, NKVS*, NKDB*, MDB*, MVS*, KDB, and the SBU since 1918.

Comparing the DA SBU's body of documents by their scientific, historical, and social and political significance for the present day, the most important of them are as follows:

  • the national statehood, political parties, and the Ukrainian insurgent movement in times of the national and democratic revolution between 1917 and 1921;
  • dismissed criminal cases against the prominent figures that propagated the development of the Ukrainian statehood, science, and culture. In particular, materials relating to the background and activities of M. Hrushevskyi, the voluminous cases of court proceedings against the so called "Ukraine's Liberation Union" (Spilka Vyzvolenia Ukrayiny), "Ukrainian National Center" (Ukrayinsky Natsionalny Tsentr), and the "Spring" (Vesna) case against the repressed representatives of prerevolutionary corps of military officers and generals, etc.;
  • documents on the participation of state security elements in WWII, in particular materials on action groups that operated behind the enemy's lines, partisan units, etc. The section with these documents contains materials of criminal cases against individuals that were uncovered by state security authorities and criminally charged for committing military crimes and spying;
  • original documents of the OUN-UPA* (Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Insurgent Army) anti-Soviet resistance movement in the forties and sixties; and
  • materials reflecting religious movements in Ukraine.

The DA SBU keeps a collection of publications. Efforts continue to be made for establishing a research and reference resources at the Archives. In the meantime, it includes the following:

  • section shelf catalogues, historic reference materials by each section;
  • systemic catalogue card-indices by subject and topic of documents issued by the VUChK-KDB* (All-Ukrainian Extraordinary Commission - State Security Committee) and separately for documents prepared by the SNBU-SBU* (National Security Service of Ukraine - Security Service of Ukraine);
  • an alphabetical special card-index for the section of dismissed criminal cases; and
  • an alphabetical card-index of state security officers' personal files.

The SBU State Archives Department serves as a scientific and methodological center to provide assistance in formation, storage, and practical use of government-related documents.

The State Archives Department's staff perform intensive work to answer a large volume of inquiries submitted by state governance and executive authorities, people's deputies of Ukraine, research organizations and educational establishments, and Ukrainian and foreign citizens.

Archival documents are widely used by museums and in preparation for marking anniversaries of outstanding personalities in Ukrainian history.

The archaeographical work is carried out at the DA SBU* primarily through research programs, in particular "Scientific and Practical Use of the Documentary Legacy of Ukrainian Secret Services" and "Reflection of the Ukrainian State's History in Documents of its Secret Services."

An effort is being made to prepare a voluminous Ukrainian-Polish documentary publication "Ukraine and Poland in the Thirties and Forties of the Twentieth Century. Recondite Documents from Secret Services' Archives." The first volume of this publication called "The Polish Underground in L'viv, Kolomyia, and Zolochiv between 1939 and 1941" was already released in Warsaw and Kyiv in 1998.

The SBU State Archives Department published two documentary compilations, particularly "The Last Address" (Kyiv, 1998-1999, in 3 volumes) and "Some Facts from the History of Ukrainian Secret Services" (Kyiv, 1999). Some documents of the Archives were used for the preparation of numerous compilations of archival documents and materials, in particular "From the Edge of Death. Ukrainian Writers - Victims of Stalinist Repressions" (Kyiv, 1991), "Collectivization and Famine in Ukraine. 1929-1933" (Kyiv, 1993), "Famine in Ukraine. 1946-1947" (Kyiv, 1996) etc. The Archives' employees are also involved in activities to provide documentary support for the publication of a series of popular-science books "Rehabilitated by History."

Users of the Archives (their number is around 100 per year) prepared dozens of monographs, dissertation studies, and various articles.

Together with the Ukrainian State Committee for Archives, the Institute of the Ukrainian History at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, and the All-Ukrainian Country Studying Union, the DA SBU* is a cofounder of a scientific and documentary journal "Materials from Archives of the VUChK*, HPU*, NKVD*, KGB," and participates directly in the journal's publication since 1994.

Archivists of the DA SBU* have become active contributors to scientific and periodical publications by providing materials about the past of the secret services' activities in Ukraine.

The leading partners of the Archives in scientific publications are the Institute of the History of Ukraine, the Institute of Ethnic-National Studies and Political Science, the Hrushevsky Institute of the Ukrainian Archeography and Resource Studies at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy of the SBU.

Location: 7 Zolotovoritska St., Kyiv-34, Ukraine, 01034
For correspondence: 35 Volodymyrska St., Kyiv-34, Ukraine, 01034
Tel.: 380 044 256 92 96

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