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National Academy of the SBU

The National Academy of the SBU is a special higher education establishment, which was first created as an institute for training SBU personnel in accordance with a January 1992 regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The facility provided formerly higher courses for training Ukrainian state security officers, and was later reorganized into an academy.

After Ukraine declared its independence, the national secret service was confronted by an urgent need for training and staffing its elements with highly qualified operations officers with a legal background. It was also necessary to provide for postgraduate training and to improve the legal and specialized skills of the entire staff of the Service. This very task became incumbent upon the Academy, where presently there are over 1500 students and cadets.

Taking into account the practical needs of the SBU, the Academy provides for:

  • full-time five-year study to train (a) operations officers with a legal background and advanced knowledge of a foreign language and (b) interpreters/assistants;
  • postgraduate training; and
  • independent correspondence study to improve the level of qualifications of SBU personnel.

Activities of the higher education establishment are carried out in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On the Security Service of Ukraine" and "On Operational and Investigative Activity", presidential decrees, and other regulatory acts. In the course of developing the educational establishment, the main objective of its academic and pedagogical staff was to form and refine a training model that would be practice-oriented and could provide an opportunity for students and cadets to obtain not only fundamental theoretical knowledge but also to get specialized by preparation with an eye toward future employment options.

To improve the academic and methodological support of the studies, the activities of the Academy's departments and faculties are coordinated by its academic and methodological councils, and a center for methodology and teaching techniques. The Academy's curriculums and other methodological materials were independently worked out and then introduced by its teaching staff into the training process. The process of education is based on a subject-oriented approach targeted at teaching by applying problem-solving techniques and active study methods, in particular role playing of operational, tactical, and business activities, express quizzing, testing, etc. Particular attention is paid to academic and methodological support of teaching fundamental and job-oriented disciplines, as well as methods of checking the progress of students and cadets.

Although relying on its own academic and educational experience, the Academy's pedagogical staff has assimilated and actively applies in its educational work the teaching techniques developed by leading Ukrainian higher educational establishments.

The Academy has established and maintains creative relationships and business cooperation with interested Ukrainian ministries and agencies, and also foster its international ties. On a contractual basis, the Academy trains specialists for the Department of State Protection of Ukraine and the State Committee for the Protection of State Borders of Ukraine. Within the framework of CIS cooperation agreements, business contacts have expanded in the area of training state security officers from CIS countries. Training of highly qualified operations officers implies also educational work done with them on an individual and team basis inside and outside class-time in accordance with a specially designed system.

Since its founding, the SBU's educational establishment has started and continues to expand its scientific and research activities, while carrying them out according to annual or five-year plans based on the Law of Ukraine "On Academic and Scientific Research Activities", the State National Program "Education" ("Ukraine of the XXI Century), an order of the SBU's Head "On Organizing and Performing Scientific Research Activities in the Security Service of Ukraine", and the SBU's directives.

From the first days since its establishment, the Academy has initiated studies in the history of Ukrainian secret services. The work in this area is supervised by the Academy's director - lieutenant general Volodymyr Stepanovych SIDAK, Doctor of History, professor. In recent five years, the Academy prepared and published over 20 academic publications, including monographs, textbooks, academic and practical manuals, and compilations of essays and documents. Historical studies in this area have been also promoted by publishing a significant number of scientific articles, reports, reviews, synopses, etc. The Academy's initiative regarding scientific research in this area has received support from scholars of other educational institutions and establishments.

The Academy's scholars actively participated in drafting a concept paper (on state policy principles) of the national security of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On the Security Service of Ukraine", "On Operational and Investigative Activity", "On Organizational and Legal Principles in the Fight against the Organized Crime", and other regulatory acts. The Academy's experts also take part in the work of commissions and working groups of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine by engaging in the preparation of bills and drafts of the Criminal, Criminal and Procedural, and Administrative Codes.

Particular attention is given to attracting students and cadets, which is regarded as a key factor in advancing the effectiveness of scientific research. In scientific groups functioning within Academy's departments, students and cadets prepare reports and synopses, which are collectively discussed, analyzed, and presented for competitive examinations. Authors of the best works are recommended for postgraduate study at the Academy.

On performing expert evaluation of the level of Academy's educational activity in May-June 1998, the State Accreditation Commission of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education determined that the level of lawyers' training at the Academy corresponds with the Accreditation Level III, and it provided a license for training specialists with Educational Qualification Level IV - Master's Degree students majoring in law.

Selection, inquiry, and recommendation of candidates to study at the special educational establishment are carried out according to the Academy Enrollment Rules approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Because of the considerable contribution of the SBU's Academy into fulfillment of tasks incumbent on the Security Service of Ukraine and its achievements in training of highly qualified personnel, the Academy was given a "national academy" status by a presidential decree on August 2, 1999.

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