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ChOP Alfa-B

The history of the Group LLC ChOP "Alfa-B", as well as the social mission of the company originates in the distant 1974, when the first in the history of the USSR and the Russian anti-terrorist unit was created.

Group A of the Seventh Directorate of the KGB of the USSR (later "a") is more known in the world under these journalists, and accepted by the employees by the name "Alfa" or group "A". The main task of the unique Special Unit is to force operations on prevention of terrorist acts, release of hostages, etc.

In 1992, during the period of lawlessness of crime against the background of the extremely weakened after the collapse of the Soviet Union of power structures, under the leadership of the former commander of the group "a" Mikhail Vasilyevich Golovatova, was registered The unique private security company (CHOP - Chastnoe Ohrannoe Predpriyatie) boldly has the legendary name and accepted the symbolism of the Special Unit.

A large number of veterans of the group have found the use of their skills in the field of qualified protection of personal and business security, getting into operation of a young team of professionals.

The highest qualification of the selected personnel, training, restraint, intelligence of the employees quickly notorious the deserved respect of decent representatives of Russian and foreign business, feared the appeal for help in difficult and dangerous situations, as to Corrupt representatives of the authorities and criminal "authorities".

The huge demand in the market of non-State security contributed to fast and successful growth of the client base. Employees of LLC Chop "Alfa-B" performed the most difficult tasks both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in other countries, where the fulfillment of tasks was in demand and allowed by legislation.

The highest qualification of experienced comrades, a healthy moral atmosphere based on battle Brotherhood, Sports and fire training, deep knowledge and respect for legal norms attracted and motivated fresh footage. Personal and professional growth was also promoted by regular and principled training of the coming employees in specialized training centers, where they were inculcated-and vaccinated-the best skills to counteract any Threats in any situation by all permissible means. Careful personnel selection, with the advantage of trained and trained personnel, and regular training allow for a consistently high level of preparedness to meet the challenges often associated with risk to life and Staff health.

A significant part of the staff is trained in various military-applied specialities (mountaineering, diving, parachute sports), speak foreign languages, have special training in the field of computer and communication equipment, Possess the skills of driving and other transport in extreme situations. First aid skills are mandatory for the entire composition.

The great experience of management personnel in solving operational-tactical and analytical tasks is a huge positive influence on performance of the assigned tasks. Over the years of successful work in LLC chop "Alfa-B" worked more than four thousand highly qualified employees, most of whom now maintain a friendly relationship with former colleagues, participate in public and charitable events.

The whole wide range of tasks to ensure the security of the individual and business, permissible by the Russian legislation to comply with the CHOP can be performed around the clock, anywhere in Russia, with the use of all permissible means.

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