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National Intelligence Agency

Three intelligence Acts passed by Parliament marked the formation of a new national Intelligence Service for South Africa. The Intelligence Services Act, 1994 (Act 38 of 1994), amalgamated the former intelligence structures into the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), which deals with domestic intelligence. The old National Intelligence Service, and the former intelligence services of Transkei, Bophuthatswana and Venda, the services of the African National Congress and the Pan Africanist Congress were integrated to form the new NIA.

The new intelligence agency provides for a new and broader definition of national security, allegiance to the Constitution, subordination to the Rule of Law, a clearly defined legal mandate a mechanism for parliamentary oversight, budgetary control and external auditing, independent Inspectors-General for Intelligence, ministerial accountability, judicial authorisation for certain collection activities, the absence of law enforcement powers.

The Agency gathers, correlates, evaluates and analyses domestic intelligence to identify threats or potential threats to the security of the Republic or its people, and to supply intelligence regarding any such threat to NICOC. National counter-intelligence responsibilities include conducting and co-ordinating counter-intelligence, and gathering, correlating, evaluating, analysing and interpreting information regarding counter-intelligence to identify threats or potential threats to the security of the Republic or its people. The Agency supplies, where necessary, intelligence relating to such threats to the South African Police Service for the purposes of investigating any offence or alleged offence.

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