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Special Security Committee

Iraq's concealment efforts to thwart UN inspectors involved thousands of people from Mukhabarat; the Amn al-Khass, and the Special Republican Guards. Iraq routinely barred the U.N. from "presidential-residential" buildings. Qusai, the younger son of Iraqi President Saddam Husayn, is the deputy chairman of the Special Security Committee of the Iraqi National Security Council that was created in 1996 as part of the president's office.

The Committee membership included:

  • Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, the director of the Public Security Directorate
  • Dahham al-Tikriti, Director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service - IIS [Mukhabarat]
  • 'Abd-al-Hamid Humud, the director of the president's office
  • Faris 'Abd-al-Hamid al-'Ani, the director general of the presidential office

This special body also included representatives of the Republican Guard.

The Committee was supported by a staff of over 2,000 whose main task was preventing the United Nations monitoring activities from uncovering information, documents, and equipment connected with mass destruction weapons. The staff was drawn from the Republican Guard, or the Special Guard, and the intelligence services. They were recruited for this specific mission and chosen from the most efficient and loyal units.

The responsibilities of this body were divided between two elements, each of which has a staff of about 1,000:

  • The task of the first component was the daily work of the UN monitoring commission, including proposing sites to visit and inspect, escorting UN inspectors, preventing them from carrying out their mission.
  • The task of the second component was to conceal documents, equipment, and materials and move them about from one location to another. Several locations had been built for collecting and hiding such selected material. This element was responsible for material that was imported through "special channels" as part of the program of rebuilding the strategic military arsenal, including chemical and biological weapons and as well as missiles and associated technology.

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