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Air Defense Command - Special Republican Guard (SRG)

The headquarters of the Air Defense Command were located behind the Justice Department in Karkh (Baghdad), directly adjacent the Fine Arts Institute in a red building near Air Force Central Command.

The Command consisted of two regiments and three independent batteries.

First Regiment

The First Regiment consisted of four batteries.

The headquarters of the First Regiment were located at the main runway of Saddam International Airport near the missile silo and it has three entrances; one on Airport Street, the other on Abu-Ghraib Street and on the third on the Yusufia-Falouja highway west of Baghdad.

The First and Second Batteries were located at the regiment headquarters. The Third Battery was at Ridhwaniyeh and the Fourth Battery at Tharthar Lake near the Ninth Battalion (Saddam's residences).

Second Regiment

The Second Regiment's headquarters were located at Al-Nisoor Square in the same building that used to house the Military Police Command. As of June 1998, the Regiment consisted of three batteries:

  • The First Battery was located at Muthanna International Airport.
  • The Second Battery was located at 'Awja (Saddam's birthplace near Tikrit).
  • The Third Battery was a mobile battery stationed at Ridhwaniyeh.

Anshki Battery

The Anshki Battery was an independent battery headquartered at the Door-Tikrit-Kirkuk intersection.

Mak-hool Battery

The Mak-hool Battery was situated near Saddam's residence at Mak-hool. Its former commander was Major Sa'id Jasim Al-Jibouri.

Independent Battery

The Independent Battery was a special mobile battery that uses Chevrolet pick-ups and was stationed with the Third Battery at Ridhwaniyeh. Its principal duty was to accompany motorcades and provide aerial protection.

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