Mudiriyat al-Amn al-Amma

On 15 July 2004 Prime Minister Iyad Allawi announced the establishment of a new intelligence unit, the General Security Directorate, that will target insurgents. The announcement came hours after a car bomb killed 10 people, including several policemen and two children, in Haditha, a town north-west of Baghdad. Allawi said during a news conference "For those who call themselves resistance, those who only achieve the destruction of infrastructure since it is taking advantage of our young and emerging security organistaions, our intelligence organisations as demonstrated yesterday throught the tragic attack that we witnessed. We are determined to eliminate them by establishing internal intelligence units called General Security Directorate, GSD, that will annihilate those terrorist groups, God willing." Allawi said agents of the General Security Directorate would infiltrate Iraq's tenacious insurgency, though he gave few details on the scope or work of the new Directorate. He said it would function under the judicial system.

On 07 July 2004 the government of Prime Minister Iyad Allawi decreed tough new security measures. The new security law permited imposing curfews and conducting surprise searches in an effort to crack down on insurgents. The new security law empowers the government to set up checkpoints, conduct emergency searches without court orders, and ban public demonstrations.

The US Central Intelligence Agency is supporting the new service, which will include former members of Saddam Hussein's security services. In 1978 Allawi had formed a relationship with British security services, and when Saddam's secret police found out they attacked him and spent a year recovering from his injuries. In 1991 Allawi co-founded an anti-Saddam, CIA-front organization, the Iraqi National Accord (INA). INA organised terrorist attacks inside Iraq between 1992 through 1995. In 2002 Allawi provided British Intelligence a report from an Iraqi officer claiming that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes.

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