Minster of the Interior (MOI)

The Minster of the Interior (MOI) controls both the civilian Egyptian National Police (ENP) with 122,000 personnel,1 and the paramilitary Central Security Forces (CSF) with 350,000 personnel.2 The Egyptian Police authorities are divided into national law enforcement agencies, such as the State Security Investigation Sector (SSIS), and local law enforcement agencies such as the Cairo Provincial Police HQ.3 The SSIS and the CSF are "responsible for law enforcement at the national level",4 as well as for providing VIP protection and protection of critical buildings. The Ministry of the Interior controls the following law enforcement organizations:

  • The Directorate of Ports Security controls departments including the General Department of Cairo Airport Police.
  • The Economic Security Sector controls the General Departments of the Public Funds Crimes Investigation Police; Supply and Home Trade Police; Environment and Water Bodies Police; Transportation Police; and the Electricity Police.
  • The Public Security Sector controls departments including the General Department of Criminal Investigation.
  • The Security and Protection Sector controls departments including the General Directorate of VIP protection.
  • The State Security Investigation Sector (SSIS) controlled by the MOI conducts investigations.

There are approximately 435,000 personnel in Egypt's paramilitary forces including the Central Security Forces, the National Guard, the Frontier Corps, and the Coast Guard. The CSF is the only paramilitary unit coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • The Central Security Forces (CSF). Controlled by the Ministry of the Interior, the CSF is the largest paramilitary force with approximately 350,000 personnel. The CSF supports the National Police with capabilities including traffic management, building protection; riot and disorder control, and maintains public order. The CSF General Headquarters is in Cairo. The CSF recruits its personnel entirely from uneducated peasant conscripts.
  • The Frontier Corps. Controlled by the Ministry of Defense, with 25,000 personnel this agency conducts border control and surveillance duties.
  • The National Guard. Controlled by the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard has approximately 60,000 personnel. Primary duties are ceremonies and parades.
  • The Coast Guard. Controlled by the Ministry of Defense, with 5,000 personnel and approximately 35 large patrol vessels and 20 smaller patrol craft, the Coast Guard patrols coastal waters and protects coastal public installations.

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