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Nan Hai Jiu 101 / Sea Rescue Ship 101
Ocean-going Search and Rescue Tug1

China Rescue and Salvage's rescue tug "Nan Hai Jiu 101" is a 109.7m x 16.5m x 7.6m tug which was delivered from Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Company of China State Shipbuilding Corporation in November 2007 and at 19,000BHP is the most powerful, largest and fastest rescue tug in China. The vessel can reportedly rescue up to 200 persons and is fitted for firefighting, towing and helicopter operations. Tug is powered by a pair of Wartsila 6L46F 4SA 6 cylinder 460 x 580mm main engines with controllable pitch propellers providing a bollard pull of abt. 190 to 200 tons. The Ministry built two more similar tugs to be used in the East China Sea and North China Sea at a cost of abt. 260 million yuan (abt. $37.5 million) each. The goal is to have a fleet of rescue vessels of various sizes and speeds in place by 2010 and increase the dedicated maritime rescue helicopter fleet from four to twelve in that time period.

The tug complies with the rules of the China Classification Society and meets the requirements of Ice Class 2. A relatively traditional hull design incorporates a bulbous bow, and a long high forecastle, incorporating a helicopter landing pad and refuelling facilities. A modern style bridge is located amidships and surmounted by a high level fire-fighting platform mounting four powerful remotely controlled monitors.

Nan Hai Jiu 101 is the fastest rescue tug in China with an impressive bollard pull and the proven ability to work in extreme weather conditions. Two Wartsila 6L46F 4SA 6 main engines producing a total of 19,000bhp are coupled to twin controllable pitch propellers turning in fixed nozzles. The result is a maximum speed of 22 knots and a bollard pull of approximately 200 tons. Manoeuvrability is assured with ‘flap’ rudders and transverse thrusters fore and aft. Fuel capacity onboard gives the tug an endurance of 10,000 nautical miles.

Towing equipment includes a massive hydraulic twin-drum, low profile waterfall style towing winch with maximum brake load of 2,000KN. The winch is equipped with steel wire and imported high strength floating HMPE rope. Line handling gear includes two large tugger winches and hydraulically operated ‘sharks jaws’ and tow pins. The outfit of rescue and salvage equipment provided onboard Nan Hai Jiu 101 is impressive. A large clear afterdeck of some 490sq/m offers not only a useful working area for salvage but also a large well-equipped rescue zone able to deal with large numbers of survivors.

An array of rescue craft are carried, including four fully enclosed lifeboats in davits, capable of a variety of duties. Two powerful hydraulic cranes, mounted one on each side of the winch deck, can be used for salvage work and to launch some of the smaller rescue craft and workboats.

Provision is made to deal with up to 200 survivors in dormitory style accommodation with purpose built galley, washing and hospital facilities. A lift is installed to transport survivors entering the accommodation at main deck level to the living and treatment areas. The helicopter pad is designed to operate with, but not house, the modern S76 helicopters currently used by CRS. Specially built passages from the forecastle deck enable survivors or casualties brought aboard by helicopter to be moved quickly into the accommodation.

Rescuers attend a ceremony on 31 October 2012 to deliver the Dong Hai Jiu 101, China's largest rescue and salvage vessel with a loaded displacement of 6,513.13 tons. This "self-designed" ship, named "Dong Hai Jiu 101", was put into service for rescue missions at the eastern sea areas.

China's most advanced ocean salvage shiip "North Sea rescue 101" was officially handed over to the Yantai Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport on 28 January 2013. After the brief ceremony, the column series, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel Jifu Yantai Bohai Bay to Dalian route on standby duty to perform salvage mission. The anniversary of China National Maritime Day 2013 was held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province on July 4. To that end, Dalian will initiate a variety of events by focusing on their effectiveness, breadth and diversity. As planned, on July 6 and 7, the former port area of Dalian Port will host free opening activities about ships: Vessel YU KUN, the world’s most advanced teaching-training vessel of Dalian Maritime University: BEI HAI JIU 101 of Beihai Rescue Bureau, and public service ships of the China Maritime and the China Marine Surveillance; the helicopters of Beihai Air Rescue Squads performed water rescue.







Max speed(kts)


Bollard Pull(kn)




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Ship List
Name Builder Fleet Comm Decomm Notes
Donghaijiu 101CSSC Huangpu ShipyardEast China Sea
Donghai Rescue Bureau
Beihaijiu 101CSSC Huangpu ShipyardNorth China Sea
Beihai Rescue Bureau
Nanhaijiu 101CSSC Huangpu ShipyardSouth China Sea
Nanhai Rescue Bureau

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