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ASB - Anti-Smuggling Bureau

General Administration of Customs [GAC] maritime enforcement personnel number about two thousand. Thus the GAC constitutes one of the smallest dragons, measured by manpower. Interestingly, a June 2009 article in a Chinese military newspaper suggested that the GAC has up to 212 fast patrol boats to employ against smugglers, but this figure is difficult to verify.

China Customs is a government agency that supervises and manages all arrivals in and departures from the customs territory of the mainland of the People's Republic of China. It exercises a centralized management structure. Its essential tasks are customs control, revenue collection, fighting smuggling and foreign trade statistics compilation. It shoulders such major responsibilities as duty collection, customs control, supervision and management of bonded operations,foreign trade statistics compilation, audit-based control, customs intellectual property rights protection, fighting smuggling, and port management.

China Customs is a full-ministerial-level government agency that directly reports to the State Council of People’s Republic of China. Its essential tasks are Customs control on transport vessels and merchandise, customs tariff collection, fighting smuggling and foreign trade statistics compilation. China Customs exercises a centralized management structure, which is composed of three levels. The first level includes the General Administration of Customs, Guangdong Sub-Administration of Customs, Tianjin and Shanghai Supervising Offices. The second level includes 41 Customs regions and 2 Customs educational institutions. The third level refers to 562 Customs houses. The Customs regions directly report to the General Administration of Customs, while the customs houses report directly to the respective customs regions.

As of 2013 the number of the staff of China Customs was around 48,000, supervising 253 ports in China. The annual tariff collected hits $79.2 billion. A Customs rank system is adopted in China Customs. In 2007, China Customs verified 49.076 million import & export declarations, exerted control over 2.43 billion tonnage merchandise, which were valued $315.05 billion, processed 350 million entries and exits of passengers. There were 106 million express consignment items passing China customs in 2007.

China Customs is the competent anti-smuggling authority of Chinese government. In 1998, China established a Customs anti-smuggling police force. China customs has always carried out a heavy-handed policy in fighting against smuggling and effectively put a curb on the development momentum of the large-scale smuggling activities in terms of adopting both criminal and administrative law enforcement means. In the past five years, a total of 55,400 smuggling cases were ferreted out, involving a value of RMB49.58 billion. All together, 3228.9 kilograms of drugs were seized.

Main duties:
  1. Investigating the smuggling cases and administrative smuggling and law-breaking cases according to the law within the customs territory of PRC Customs
  2. Conducting investigations, making detentions and arrests and carrying out preliminary inquiries in accordance with the law to suspects involved in smuggling cases, handing over the cases to inspection agency for prosecution after investigation
  3. Investigating, trial and making administrative punishments of the smuggling acts that do not break the law, break the law but not forming crime and break the regulations of the customs
  4. Receiving and handling the smuggling and administrative illegal cases handed over by local police station, business and financial administrative, tobacco exclusive agency and other administrative agencies
  5. Handling and participating in the appealing, reconsideration, lawsuit and compensation related to customs smuggling suppressing department (administrative reconsideration is in the charge of law department of the customs), accepting the persecution and accusation, making feedback of the investigation and presenting award and exerting punishment
  6. Punishing the acts resisting and preventing the work of smuggling suppressing department and handing over the severe and crime-involving cases to local police station
  7. Undertaking the major smuggling cases commissioned by the State Council, General Customs Administration, the Ministry of Public Security and other affairs
  8. In charge of the comprehensive treatment of anti-smuggling and analysis of anti-smuggling situations, contacting the anti-smuggling department of different levels, administrative management departments, industrial governing departments, economic governing department and grand groups

Inside office: Office, political section, inspecting section, packing section, smuggling suppressing section, law section, intelligence technique section, direct team, maritime anti-smuggling section.

In 2005 more efforts were made in the severe crackdown on smuggling. The anti-smuggling agencies launched a series of targeted and joint operations to fight against commercial fraud for smuggling, smuggling under the disguise of processing trade, smuggling of branded oil, cigarettes and frozen commodities. They cleared a number of important cases, which effectively contained the rampant momentum of smuggling.Within the year, 1090 cases were cleared, which involved commodities worth of 8.5 billion Yuan and tax evasion in value of 1.91 billion Yuan.

In 2008 the Bureau of Anti-Smuggling of General Administration of Customs (GAC) printed and distributed a circular on organizing and conducting “theme activities of preventing risks in law enforcement and clean administration,” according to decisions and arrangement of GAC’s leading Party members’ group and new situations and requirements of customs anti-smuggling work. The circular says starting from September 1, the national customs anti-smuggling system shall carry out three-month “theme activities of preventing risks in law enforcement and clean administration.” Concrete arrangements and requirements are as follows.
  1. First, goals of this activity include taking the spirit of the National Conference of Customs Directors as guide, correctly mastering new situations and requirements of management construction and team construction of customs anti-smuggling departments, following the overall requirements of “unifying thought, clarifying goals, discovering risk, analyzing causes and implementing reforms,” conducting comprehensive investigations on law enforcement and clean administration risks among customs anti-smuggling departments at all levels and analyzing the causes, realizing the goals of further raising awareness, perfecting institutions, improving reform measures and strengthening management, gradually enforcing reform measures and establishing institutional and standardized working mechanisms against “two risks.”
  2. Second, major tasks include three aspects. First is to conduct wide-range mobilization to deepen awareness; second is to investigate risks and analyze reasons; third is to perfect institutions and strengthen management.
  3. Third, work requirements include implementing leadership responsibility system, widely mobilizing the masses; investigating existing problems, analyzing typical cases, intensifying information exchange, ensuring actual results, promoting daily work and strengthening supervision and inspection.

Authorities faced a "grim" situation with the value of smuggled goods rising annually by about 20 percent from January to September, an official said November 27, 2012. Customs had uncovered 1,415 cases of smuggling by the end of September, involving goods worth 22.8 billion yuan (US$3.66 billion). The value marked a 20 percent annual increase, according to the General Administration of Customs. In 2011, authorities uncovered 1,776 smuggling cases involving products worth 28.77 billion yuan, up 14 percent over the previous year in terms of value. Of this year's cases, 57 were categorized as serious as each involved goods worth more than 10 million yuan. This figure represents a 29.5 percent increase from a year ago, according to authorities. "We're facing a grim situation. The number and value of cases in China have been rising about 20 percent annually in the past three years," said Chen Jianxin, deputy director of the anti-smuggling bureau under the General Administration of Customs.

A six-month nationwide campaign to combat smuggling will be launched from July, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang said on June 22, 2013. Speaking at a symposium on the fight against smuggling in the city of Shenzhen in south China's Guangdong Province, Wang said the campaign will primarily target the smuggling of "hot" commodities and activities in "major" areas. Wang said China is still facing an arduous task in cracking down on smuggling even though achievements have been made over the past few years. Anti-smuggling is part of the sound development of a national economy, as well as in the interests of the country and its people, according to Wang.

Smuggling covers all kinds of activity. Guangdong Sub-Administration of China Customs reported a successful detection of cross-border multinational and across customs vehicle smuggling case since April 2012, under the unified deployment of the anti-smuggling departments of the Customs Office. This detection estroyed six smuggling gangs and has caught 54 smuggling suspects, with the smuggling high-grade cars including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz and BMW. In another cased, members of the Anti-Smuggling Combat Brigade of Gongbei Customs searched a fishing boat which had been acting suspiciously and found a total of 122 tons frozen goods including beef tripe, pork stomachs and chicken feet.

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