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Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS)

Primary Purpose Tactical Remote Sensor Systems (TRSS) provides

continuous all weather location determination and

monitoring of activity within a given area of


Sub-Functions Graphic depiction of objects through thermal

graphic optics, classification through rotary

wing air-delivered sensors (i.e. tracked vehicle,

rotary winged aircraft, battle field sounds,

etc.) and hand employed ground sensors.

Equipment Requirements Each Sensor Mobile Monitor System (SMMS) has two

monitoring stations located within that are

comprised of one IBM Thinkpad 770X using

monitoring software developed for the Windows


Connectivity Requirements Line-of-sight for transmit/receive (VHF/UHF) back

to the SMMS. Operates in the VHF (138-153 MHz)

and UHF (313.5-315.5 MHz) (new software) range.

The SMMS includes a HF radio (AN/GRC-231) and two

VHF radios (AN/VRC-91A), LAN connection to the

IAS family suite-providing sensor reporting


Crypto Requirements Crypto Reqs: None: KY-99, KY-57 required for

secure voice communications.

Normal Locations Sensor Control and Management Platoon (SCAMP) or

Ground Sensor Platoon (GSP). SCAMP will be

located with the Intel Bn.

Information Managed MASINT (Measurement and Signals Intelligence)

reports, data derived by analysis of targets

total seismic/magnetic/infrared/thermal graphic

image to provide direction, location, relative

speed, quantity, length of column and

classification type.

Products Created Positive identification and classification of

detected activity. Strip charts and image

displays. Sensor reports (SENREP).

Lead Service/Contractor USMC/Northrop Grumman Corp (NGC) & NOVA


Current Fielding Status TRSS is 85% fielded. Items funded during FY00

with fielding in FY01 include Repeater/Relays

(NOVA item 292 ea.) that replaces the current

Repeaters and Relays, Intermediate Air Delivered

Sensor (IADS) (NGC item 78 ea.), and Test Sets

(17 ea.), enhanced life battery boxes (516 ea.).

TRSS has additional funding from POM02 to procure

an advanced Unattended Ground Microsensor System

to replace the current Unattended Ground Sensor

System as well as procuring the fixed wing

deployed sensor, Advanced Air Delivered Sensors

(AADS) (552 ea.), and the Thermal Imager buyout

of (520 ea). Funding was not secured to procure

the Airborne Relays (AR) (48 ea.).

Known Problems Thermal Imager currently at MSII is funded from

POM02 for reevaluation prior to a re-operational

test and evaluation (OT&E).

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact GySgt Ted Salas, Project Officer for TRSS.

Marine Corps Systems Command DSN 278-0952,commercial 703-784-0952. Email: salast@mcsc.usmc.mil

Updated by Capt Justin Wilson, USMC, CCSC-01


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