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Tactical EA-6B Mission Planning System (TEAMS)

Primary Purpose Compiles radar system libraries, navigation data,

and high-speed anti-radiation missile (HARM)

targeting libraries for download to the EA-6B

ALQ-99 on board system (OBS) used during

electronic warfare missions.

Sub-Functions Intelligence, post-mission analysis, route and

fuel planning, and GPS Loader support for EA-6B


Equipment Requirements AN/TSQ-142 v(5) or 142v(6) (portable or

rack-mounted) system, four TAC-3 (HP-735)

processors, Raymond Recorder Reproducer Set (RRS)

and various input/output hardware including

CD-ROM, 8MM digital tape, and Media Assembly

consisting of two (2) PCMCIA Slots and a 3 "

Floppy Drive. Color Laser Jet printer.

Connectivity Requirements Provides mission libraries to EA-6B via RRS tape.

TEAMS is capable of running as a stand-alone

system. There is a Data Fusion Processor that is

capable of receiving data from Tactical

Electronic Reconnaissance and Evaluation System

(TERPES) and from Military Intelligence.

Modernized Intelligence Data Base (MIDB 1.4) via

8MM tape. TEAMS will transition to MIDB 2.X in

order to complete migration to GCCS-M. Currently

fielded to all EA-6B squadrons, both Navy and

Marine. Receive intelligence from modernized IDB

via 8MM tape, from GCCS-M central database, from

Air Force Combat Intelligence System (CIS) via

Ethernet and from TRAP and TADIXS-B via serial

line (4096 baud) to tactical receive equipment

(TRE). Possibly receive intelligence from

tactical intelligence broadcast system (TIBS),

commander's tactical terminal (CTT), and

multi-mission advanced tactical terminal (MATT),

This requirement currently awaiting fleet

validation. Possibly receive ATO from CTAPS and

Air Force wing C-2 system via Ethernet. Provides

post-mission intelligence to GCCS-M correlator

and Air Force CIS via Ethernet.

Crypto Requirements No crypto used. Removable hard drives and RRS

classified SECRET.

Normal Locations One TEAMS system at each VMAQ and VAQ squadron.

Information Managed Emitter electronic parameters and location data,

ALQ-99 jammer targeting libraries, USQ-113 (V3)

emitter parameters and jammer targeting

libraries, Enemy Command and Control Networks

planning data, HARM targeting libraries, DAFIF

airfield and navigation aid data, terrain data,

digitized graphics map images, specific emitter

identification data from TRAP broadcast, Global

Positioning System (GPS) almanac and waypoint


Products Created EA-6B mission libraries, navigation and fuel

logs, charts, transparencies, weapon system

kneeboard cards, and USQ-113(V3) mission


Lead Service/Contractor USN/Comptek PRB Associates Inc.

Current Fielding Status TEAMS version 205.04 fielded in 1999, which

incorporated support for Y2K issues and EA-6B

Block 89A support, as well as SIPRNET

connectivity. GCCS-M/DII migration is on going.

TEAMS build 206.01 will be a GCCS-M module with

an anticipated release of December of 2000. As

EA-6B is undergoing ICAP III migration, TEAMS is

conducting a parallel build to support the

Operational Assessment testing. Future

improvements will include transition to new

hardware, support for the Low Band Transmitter,

HARM improvements, C2W analysis, improved

USQ-113V(3) support, and eventually the

transition to the Joint Mission Planning System

(JMPS) environment.

Known Problems TAMPS migration was scrapped due to the

immaturity of the TAMPS hardware compared to

TEAMS (1 vs. 4 processors, four gigabytes of hard

drive storage vs. 16 gigabytes of hard drive

storage). As GCCS-M moves toward DIICOE

compliance, TEAMS will become modules of GCCS-M.

DIICOE Compliance Rating TEAMS 206.01 will be level 5 Compliant.

Point of Contact Phil Dupree or Dave Perrin,(301) 373-2360 or

(301) 373-2388 X2144, fax (301) 373-3421 with

Comptek PRB Associates, Hollywood, MD.

Updated by Capt Richard E. Petersen, USMC, CCSC-01



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