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Shore Targeting Operational Support System (STOSS)

Primary Purpose Provides Submarine Operating Authorities

(SUBOPAUTHs) essential contact location data and

precise, real-time OTH-T data to submarines for

targeting in cruise missile employment. Output

is used by submarines to compute Tomahawk

Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles (TASM) targeting

solutions. Additionally, this system provides

over water flight paths for Tomahawk Land Attack

(TLAM) missions. This system is also used to

provide submarines with contact data during ASW


Sub-Functions Integration of shore targeting and requirements

for use by Submarine Forces into the Global

Command and Control System, Maritime Ashore

(GCCS-M) as part of the Operational Support

System (OSS) Software segment.

Equipment Requirements Same as GCCS-M Ashore.

Connectivity Requirements Same as GCCS-M Ashore.

Crypto Requirements Same as GCCS-M Ashore.

Normal Locations SUBOPAUTH, Submarine Operational Control Centers.

Information Managed Surface and subsurface contact information from

multiple sources. Collects, correlates, stores,

and disseminates hostile, friendly, and neutral

contact data. OTH data to submarines for

employment and control of TASMs and TLAMs.

Products Created Textual and graphical representation of surface

and subsurface contacts. Message output


Lead Service/Contractor US Navy (Space and Naval Warfare Systems


Current Fielding Status This program achieved Full Operational Capability

(FOC) in 1993.

Known Problems None.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 5.

Point of Contact Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

(PMW-157), Comm (619)537-0258, Fax Comm:


Updated by Capt Farrell J. Sullivan, USMC, CCSC-01.


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