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Joint Tactical Distribution System (JTIDS)

Primary Purpose Secure anti-jam digital data and voice

communications system for theater, air, ground,

and naval forces.

Sub-Functions Communication, navigation, and identification

(CNI) systems.

Equipment Requirements JTIDS terminals plus modification systems to

onboard data processing systems to generate and

display JTIDS message formats.

Connectivity Requirements JTIDS terminal and self-contained L-band radios.

Crypto Requirements KGV-8 or CMSEC/TRANSEC DS-101 Hybrid (CDH).

Normal Locations USN: F-14D and E2C aircraft, aircraft carriers,

Aegis class cruiser, destroyers, and LHD/LHA's.

USMC: Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM).

USA: Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD) C2I sites.

USAF: Airborne Warning and Control System

(AWACS), Rivet Joint aircraft, Joint Surveillance

Targeting and Reconnaissance (JSTARS) aircraft,

Airborne Command, Control, and Communications

(ABCCC) aircraft, Air Operations Center (AOC),

Modular Control Equipment (MCE), and limited


Allies: UK AWACS and Tornado Aircraft, France

AWACS aircraft, NATO control and Reporting

Centers (CRC).

Information Managed Surveillance data including air, ground, and

naval track file information; intelligence

information; friendly positions and status; and

digital voice communications.

Products Created Real-time situational awareness of integrated

air/ground picture from all platforms in theater.

Lead Service/Contractor USAF/GEC Marconi and Rockwell Collins.

Current Fielding Status Older class terminals in operation in US, NATO

AWACS, and CRCs. New Class II terminals being

fielded currently by all services.

Known Problems Size requirements may delay integration into

tactical aircraft and TAOM/MCE.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not Rated.

Point of Contact Maj Pat Cox, TBMCS/JTIDS, Hansom AFB


Internet: http://www.link16.nosc.mil

Updated by Capt Joseph P. Lentivech III, USMC, CCSC-01


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