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Intelligence Analysis System (IAS)

Primary Purpose The IAS is the "hub" for all other indigenous

Marine Corps intelligence systems. It provides a

modular, configurable, intelligence information

collection, control, processing, and

dissemination system that allows using units to

rapidly assess enemy situations and battlefield

conditions. The IAS will use current versions of

the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF)

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and

Intelligence (C4I) Software Baseline (MSBL),

enhanced with Intelligence segments. The IAS may

be deployed as an IAS Suite, MEF IAS, or IAS

workstation. The IAS Suites consist of two

variants, V1 and V2. The V1 variant has two

workstations while the V2 has four. IAS suites

are Hewlett-Packard UNIX hardware. MEF IAS is a

Sun Sparc and the Intelligence Operations

Workstation (IOW) is an IBM Laptop Computer in a

Windows NT environment.

Sub-Functions Intelligence database management, situation maps,

desktop publishing, journal, workbook and

message handler, electronic light table, tactical

collection management.

Equipment Requirements Marine Common Hardware Suite (MCHS) class B

workstations: SunSparc for MEF IAS; HP

workstations for IAS Suites; and PC Laptops for

the Windows NT IAS Workstations.

File/Communication Servers and Tactical

Communications Interface Modules.

Connectivity Requirements AUTODIN Mode I/II, STUIII with 9600 baud or

higher, SATCOM, HF, VHF, UHF, and Ethernet bridge


Crypto Requirements KIV-7, KIV-19, KG-194A, or KG-84C if connecting

into DII.

Normal Locations Intelligence BNs and G-2/S-2 sections of

MEF/MEB/MEU, Divisions, Wings, FSSGs, REGTs,

MAGs, BNs, and SQDNs.

Information Managed Tactical intelligence.

Products Created Intelligence databases and standard reports,

digital situation maps, desktop publishing

briefs, journals, target folders, and basic

imagery manipulation.

Lead Service/Contractor USMC/Multiple.

Current Fielding Status The IAS family is fielded. Two MEF IAS systems

are deployed with each of the three MEFs and one

is at NMITC. 70 IAS suites are deployed to

active and reserve

division/wings/regiments/groups and each of the

seven MEUs. 300+ IOW workstations went to active

and reserve battalions/squadrons. The IAS suite

hardware is being in upgraded in FY01 with

improvements in overall footprint and processing

power that make the systems lighter, faster, and

more manageable.

Known Problems None.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 7.

Point of Contact Capt Michael Castagna, MCTSSA, Project Officer,

DSN: 365-9609; MGySgt Joseph Mobilia, MCCDC, Intel Requirements, DSN: 278-0194; Maj Scott Camden, MARCORSYSCOM, Project Officer, DSN:278-0977/0970/0953. Internet:

Updated by CPT Eve M.Geyer, USA, CCSC-01.



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