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Global Status of Resources and Training System (GSORTS)

Primary Purpose Internal management tool directed by CJCS

reflecting the readiness level of selected units'

in terms of training, equipment, and personnel

against the level required to undertake assigned


Sub-Functions Provides commanders, auditors, and congress with

a semi-objective assessment of units' ability to

execute full wartime missions. Not a true

performance appraisal.

Equipment Requirements Marine Corps uses front-end software called

GOMERS requiring a PC with minimum 486 66MHz

processor, 8MB RAM and 750 MB hard drive to

create unit reports. Other services have unique

requirements for the creation of unit reports.

Connectivity Requirements Unit report submission requires access to AUTODIN

message center to SIPRNET. Access to GSORTS

database is achieved only though SIPRNET.

Crypto Requirements SIPRNET.

Normal Locations Service HQs, CINC HQs, JCS, NCA, Combat Support


Information Managed Information related to the status of a unit's

location, personnel, training, and equipment.

Products Created None. Provides CINCs with an orientation to the

status of forces and is a key tool used in the

Joint Monthly Readiness Review and by the Senior

Readiness Oversight Council.

Lead Service/Contractor Joint Sponsored.

Current Fielding Status GSORTS version 3.2 is to be fielded during March

2001. Readiness Assessment System Output Tool is

to field version 4.0 during October 2001.

Known Problems Batch processing and service inconsistencies

degrade accuracy/usefulness of information. RAS

addresses these in allowing real-time updates to

database and creating uniform reporting

procedures throughout the DOD.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 6.

Point of Contact Mr. Bob Bovee, GSORTS Development, DISA, Pentagon

(BF715) Washington D.C. 20301, Comm (703)

695-0492, DSN 225-0492, Fax 223-3580, email


Updated by Captain Michael E. Schutte, USMC, CCSC-01


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