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Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below (FBCB2) System

Primary Purpose FBCB2 is a digitized Battle Command Information

System that provides on-the-move, real time and

near-real-time battle command information to

tactical combat, combat support, and combat

service support leaders and soldiers. FBCB2, as

a key component of the Army Battle Command System

(ABCS), seamlessly integrates with the other

components of ABCS at the brigade and below

level. FBCB2 supports situational awareness down

to the soldier/platform level across all BFA's

and echelons. FBCB2 also provides the means for

brigade and battalion level commanders to command

when away from their TOCs, interoperating with

subordinate commanders and leaders also equipped

with FBCB2.

The Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS)

- FBCB2 interface has been developed to support

wartime automated systems as defined in the

Command, Control, Communications, and Computer

Requirements Definition Program (C4RDP). This

interface is designed to provide an automated

capability for the exchange of Joint Variable

Message Format (JVMF) messages concerning

logistics, personnel, and position reporting data

between CSSCS and FBCB2 operational facilities

(OPFAC) at Brigade (BDE), Separate Brigade (SEP

BDE), Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) and

Battalion (BN) levels.


Equipment Requirements Software for embedded air and ground platforms.

Hardware and software for non-embedded air and

ground platforms.

Platform interfaces.

Supporting communications systems (as specified

by the WIN strategy).

Connectivity Requirements

Crypto Requirements

Normal Locations

Information Managed CSS functions of FBCB2 include: logistics

situation reports, personnel situation reports,

situational awareness, call for support and

logistics task order and task management


The Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS)

- FBCB2 interface continues to be developed,

with required capabilities being provided in the

phased development of both sets of software. The

main two reports that provide information from

FBCB2 to CSSCS are the Logistics Situational

Report (LOGSITREP) and the Personnel Situation

Report (PERSITREP). The LOGSITREP consists of

platform/unit logistics status, while the

PERSITREP provides personnel status reporting.

Both reports are originated at the subordinate

platform level. These reports are rolled-up within FBCB2, maintaining individual unit integrity; and forwarded via FBCB2 to the first echelon where CSSCS is deployed.

Enhanced visibility of CSS assets and supported units on the battlefield.

Enhanced task visibility of CSS assets.

Enhanced visibility of unit and supply point status.

Enhanced visibility of combat operations for CSS planning and execution.

Enhanced capability for the customer to request support.

Enhanced capability to synchronize support.

Products Created Identified in the User Functional Description

(UFD) for FBCB2, and slated for future

development include system interface and

integration, medical logistics and situation

reports, mortuary affairs information, fuel

status data, and weapons system crew registration

information. With FBCB2 CSS functionality

logisticians are able to provide responsive

support and insure that sufficient resources are

on hand to accomplish the commander's intent.

FBCB2 also permits information to be entered

using free text, such as comments or other

pertinent CSS information. In these cases, the

users of the system must understand that the

information is not automatically manipulated or

rolled-up by higher echelons.

Lead Service/Contractor

Current Fielding Status FBCB2 CSS requirements are published in the FBCB2

User Functional Description (UFD). The CASCOM

FBCB2 Team is continuing to refine and develop

CSS requirements, and to participate in the FBCB2

User Jury process. CSS software functions are

scheduled to be delivered IAW the following


Version 3.3 (Current) Version 4.0 and beyond:

PERSITREP Improved Reports.

LOGSITREP Digital Diagnostic Interface.

Call for Support/Task Mgmt.

Digital Fuel Status.

Supply Point Status/Field Svc.

MARC Card Interface.

MEDEVAC Request.

RF Tag Interface.

CTIL/BRIL Update Msg.

Interface with CSSCS.

Improvements on 3.2.

Medical Unit SITREP.

Mortuary Affairs SITREP.

Known Problems

DIICOE Compliance Rating

Point of Contact POC: MAJ O'Donnell @ (804) 734-1233, or Paul E.

Campbell, CSC @ (804) 734-0080.

Updated by CPT Scott C. Bager, USA, CCSC-01



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