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Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS)

Primary Purpose The Enhanced Position Location Reporting System

(EPLRS) provides Marine Forces with a critical

command and control tactical data distribution

network. EPLRS links the dynamic Marine

Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Command, Control,

Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I)

tactical data system architecture with a robust,

user-transparent, automatic relaying, and

automatic rerouting communications network. The

EPLRS is a digital transmission system that

provides the digital RF backbone necessary for

the movement of information between MAGTF C4I

Tactical Data Systems (TDS), such as the Tactical

Data Network (TDN), Intelligence Analysis System

(IAS), Tactical Combat Operations (TCO) system,

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

(AFATDS), and Data Automated Communications

Terminal (DACT). The end product is

communications connectivity to support a

flexible, seamless, and integrated MAGTF C4I

tactical data architecture below the regimental

level. EPLRS will be the primary entry node for

sensor collected information from forward

deployed units for digital transmission to higher


Sub-Functions Provides situational awareness as backup to GPS.

Equipment Requirements AN/VSQ-2C(V)2, EPLRS Radio Set AN/TSQ-158(V)4,

Downsized Enhanced Net Control Station


Connectivity Requirements Network of EPLRS RS controlled by the Network

Control Station. End User Data Terminals will

connect to the EPLRS RS via standard Ethernet or

X.25 protocols.

Crypto Requirements EPLRS RS: embedded KGV-13.


Normal Locations The EPLRS RS will be fielded to infantry,

artillery, Light Armored Vehicle (LAV), tank,

AAV, and mobile command units. The NCS will be

fielded to Division Communication Companies.

Information Managed Primarily any digital data or information passed

via TCP/IP protocol and relative location of

friendly units, waypoints and pre-designated


Products Created EPLRS provides data distribution vertically and

horizontally between various tactical data

systems. EPLRS inherent capabilities will also

provide position location identification and

navigation services to users. EPLRS position

location reports are provided to automated

systems in Command and Control (C2) centers for

maintaining near real-time situational awareness

displays. EPLRS primary purpose will be that of

the digital RF backbone necessary for the

interconnectivity of MAGTF C4I TDN.

Lead Service/Contractor USA/Raytheon.

Current Fielding Status Full fielding was begun in FY00 at I MEF.

Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was achieved

in July 2000 with the initial fielding of I MEF.

Initial Fielding of II MEF was completed in

December 2000. Full fielding to III MEF will

commence in March 2001. Upon completion of III

MEF fielding, I MEF and II MEF will receive their

complete fielding. MARFORRES fielding will

commence during FY02. Final Operational

Capability (FOC) is anticipated during FY03 when

fielding will be complete. The PLRS system is

being phased out of the Marine Corps inventory as

EPLRS is fielded.

Known Problems Fielding timeline is dictated by production rate

of EPLRS radios.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact EPLRS Project Officer: Maj James Breitinger,

C4ISRComm, MARCORSYSCOM, DSN: 278-0889, comm

(703) 784-0889.

Updated by Capt Matthew A. Woodhead, USMC, CCSC-01



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