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                            Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN)

Primary Purpose The DRSN provides secure command and control

switches which offer high-quality secure voice

and conferencing capabilities to the senior

decision makers and staff of the National Command

Authorities (NCA), the Commanders in Chief

(CINCs), Major Commands (MAJCOMs), other

Government departments and agencies, and Allies.

Sub-Functions The DRSN also provides secure voice conferencing

and access to secure strategic, tactical,

airborne, and seaborne equipment and platforms.

Equipment Requirements The DRSN consists of four major subsystems: the

Switching Subsystem, the Transmission Subsystem,

the Timing and Synchronization Subsystem, and the

Network Management Subsystem (NMS).

Switching Subsystem:

The DRSN Switching Subsystem provides the DRSN

users secure and nonsecure call origination and

call termination capabilities, secure

conferencing, and direct interoperability with

other secure networks. The primary switching

platform of the DRSN Switching Subsystem is the

Raytheon family of secure digital switches. In

most DRSN switch locations, both a RED switch and

a BLACK switch are installed to provide

integrated RED/BLACK service (i.e., users are

provided a single telephone instrument with which

they can access both secure networks and

nonsecure networks).

Transmission Subsystem:

The DRSN Transmission Subsystem provides

connectivity between DRSN RED switches,

connectivity between a DRSN RED switch and users

located remotely from the switch, and

interconnection with other secure networks and

systems. The Transmission Subsystem includes

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (N.E.T.)

IDNX and Promina multiplexing equipment,

encryption devices, channel service units (CSUs),

and tail segment cabling. The Transmission

Subsystem connects the DRSN RED switches to

Government-owned and leased backbone transmission


Timing and Synchronization Subsystem:

The T&S Subsystem provides a primary, secondary,

and tertiary method of obtaining a timing source

for site contingency and the network. The T&S

system is comprised of reference clocks, clock

distribution systems, and RED/BLACK isolation

filters and buffers.

Network Management Subsystem:

The NMS provides DISA with the capabilities to

provide day-to-day direction and operational

oversight of the DRSN. It includes the

facilities, equipment, organizational structure,

and people to monitor and interface with the DRSN

site O&M activity to affect problem resolution.

Connectivity Requirements T1 or E1 transmission systems, fractional T1

(FT1) transmission links, and 56 or 64 kilobits

per second (kb/s) transmission links.

Crypto Requirements KG-94/94A, KIV-7/HS.

Normal Locations The DRSN is located with the NCA, the National

Military Command Center (NMCC), combatant

commands, the Services, subordinate organizations

(military and civilian), and Allies (North

Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Canada,

etc.), both locally and worldwide.

Information Managed N/A

Products Created N/A

Lead Service/Contractor DISA, as the Joint Staff designated System

Manager for the DRSN, is responsible for

providing operational direction and management of

worldwide DRSN assets.

Current Fielding Status Fielded throughout DOD.

Known Problems N/A

DIICOE Compliance Rating N/A

Point of Contact DISA D3123

ATTN: Jim Seitz

11440 Isaac Newton Square

Reston, VA 20190-5006

E-Mail Address:


Commercial:(703) 735-8033

FAX:(703) 735-8980

Updated by CPT David Gursky, USA, CCSC-01



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