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Department of Defense Intelligence Information System


Primary Purpose DODIIS is a worldwide inter-computer network

linking intelligence data handling systems (IDHS)

of the DOD intelligence community. The network

benefits from a jointly developed standard core

of common intelligence processing systems. The

computer based information systems sustained by

DODIIS support the collection, production, and

dissemination of various defense intelligence

products down to the tactical Joint Task Force

(JTF) Commander. The architecture is broken into

five basic elements: Application Software

Entity, Application Program Interface,

Application Platform Entity, External Environment

Interface, and External Environment. These

elements are used to manage and access defense

intelligence assets throughout the world. DODIIS

defines the standards that ensure

interoperability of current and future

intelligence systems and applications.

Sub-Functions DODIIS uses a variety of communications

sub-networks to achieve the desired connectivity

between user locations. The DODIIS concept

provides, within limits, an integrated tactical

and strategic user environment for performing

identical intelligence support functions on

compatible systems. The DODIIS community uses

the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications

System (JWICS) portion of Defense Information

System Network (DISN).

Equipment Requirements The DODIIS network uses UNIX-based equipment and

associated peripherals. The network can also be

supported using Commercial-off-the-shelf

(COTS)/Government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) hardware

and software. There have been recent upgrades to

Windows NT and/or Sun Solaris.

Connectivity Requirements DODIIS uses Stand Alone Tools: Independent

support applications that are activated on the

user's desktop or by system calls. Integrated

Tools: Support applications that are used by

other intelligence mission applications or

support applications to provide specific

functionality to the calling application through

a standard support contract, namely the System

Acquisition and Services Support (SASS) Contract.

Crypto Requirements The DODIIS network is classified and requires

proper and pre-authorized access codes. SCI

levels must be properly encrypted while genser

levels must have the appropriate level devices.

Normal Locations DODIIS terminals are normally found in

intelligence sections and SCIFs and classified

work areas both shore-based and afloat. Unified

Commands, Services, theater intelligence centers

and various intelligence agencies.

Information Managed DODIIS is a computer based intelligence data

handling system, which manages defense

intelligence assets throughout the world. User systems support collection, production, and dissemination of various intelligence products.

Products Created The DODIIS network facilitates the processing of

a variety of intelligence products to include

information from imagery exploitation, ELINT,

COMINT, and HUMINT. Other supported products

include intelligence data such as indications and

warning, order of battle, electronic warfare,

installation data development, target material

production, target data development, and

scientific and technical intelligence. Products

include archived digitized images, overlays, and

special support products relating to all service

components as well as textual information.

Lead Service/Contractor Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Current Fielding Status Operational with ongoing improvements.

Known Problems Due to the number of different C4I systems DODIIS

supports, interoperability remains the major


DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact Mr. Harry P. VanEvery, Defense Intelligence

Agency, Commercial: (202) 231-8394, E-Mail


Updated by Captain Barton J. Rice, USA, CCSC-01



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