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Defense Message System (DMS)

Primary Purpose To provide secure, accountable, faster and more

reliable writer-to-reader messaging capability

from the office to the warfighter for both

organizational and individual messaging at

reduced cost.

Sub-Functions Allows the user to draft and send secure message

traffic from a local PC, either commercial or

tactical. DMS software will operate using

commercial groupware, providing the latest

capabilities in information sharing, including

multimedia (sound/graphics/video) attachment

capability. Replaces the current AUTODIN-based

messaging system.

Equipment Requirements Commercial system: 486 or greater CPU, 16 MB RAM

or greater, 500 MB hard disk space or greater,

PCMCIA type II card, TCP/IP stack, network


Connectivity Requirements Designed to operate on both commercial and

tactical data networks. Supports X.400 and X.500

message and directory protocols.

Crypto Requirements Fortezza PCMCIA card provides integrated, dual

key encryption.

Normal Locations All users with the requirement and/or

authorization to send and receive official

message traffic.

Information Managed Secure messages, including attachments.

Products Created Viewable/printable messages to the

Sensitive-But-Unclassified (SBU) level.

Lead Service/Contractor Lockheed Martin Federal Systems.

Current Fielding Status Four major releases (2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0) have

been implemented or planned for FY 98,99,01, and

02. Backbone for SBU and SECRET level traffic is

95% complete and services responsible for

implementing tactical DMS measures starting FY01

and completing implementation by FY03.

Known Problems None noted.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact Mr. Jerry Bennis, Program Manager (703) 681-0921.

Direct questions to Helena Robinson,

Updated by Captain Michael E. Schutte, USMC, CCSC-01.


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