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Combat Terrain Information Systems (CTIS)

Primary Purpose Combat Terrain Information System (CTIS) provides

automated terrain analysis and visualization,

terrain data base

development/update/management/distribution, and

graphics reproduction.

Sub-Functions CTIS is a suite of systems consisting of the:

Digital Topographic Support System-Heavy

(DTSS-H), DTSS-Light (DTSS-L), DTSS-Deployable

(DTSS-D), High Volume Map Production (HVMP)

equipment, and DTSS-Survey (DTSS-S).

Equipment Requirements Army Common Hardware Software 2 (CHS 2) Sun

Ultra-2 workstations with 19-inch CRT displays or

20-inch flat panel displays, Hewlett Packard

750C, 755C or HP Design Jet 650C plotters, 126 GB

RAIDS (256 GB for FY00 upgrade), full-color

scanner, and associated peripheral equipment,

including 11 GB of disk storage, a CD-ROM

reader/writer, and various other digital input

and output devices and various associated

peripheral devices.

Connectivity Requirements CTIS is configured for communications with other

Army Battle Command CTIS Systems (ABC) over the

ABCS LAN using either fiber optic or copper wire,

and includes secure and commercial voice

telephone capabilities.

Crypto Requirements None.

Normal Locations Echelons Above Corps (EAC). Utilized by Division

terrain teams.

Information Managed Digital terrain data/Digital Mapping Agency

products, imagery. Produces laser terrain base

intelligence products, mobility, line of sight,

special products, avenues of approach, image

maps, terrain updates.

Products Created CTIS functional capabilities include creation of

a variety of custom tactical decision aids (TDAs)

including: 1) Intervisibility, 2) Mobility, 3)

Tactical Dam Analysis Model (TACDAM), 4) IMETS,

5) Terrain Elevation, and 6) Special Purpose

Products such as helicopter landing zones. TDAs

generated on the CTIS can be output as Map

Products that include all applicable marginalia.

Lead Service/Contractor United States Army/Lockheed Martin

Current Fielding Status DTSS-H: Fielded, System Upgrade (First 5

Systems) Feb 00 - Apr 00. DTSS-L: Milestone III

Decision Jan 98, First Article Test Feb 00 - Apr

00. DTSS-D: Fielded, Cyclic Upgrade Development

Jan - Apr 00. HVMP: ACT II/III Contract FY00 -


Known Problems None

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact David E. Thacker, Project Director CTIS,, COMM: (703) 428-6876,

DSN: 328-6876. Web info at :


Updated by Capt Doug Mays, USMC, CCSC-01.


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