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Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC)

Primary Purpose Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) is a

Windows-based client software application

designed to facilitate military command and

control functions by improving situational

awareness (SA) and to enhance operational and

tactical decisions. When connected to a network,

C2PC exchanges position tactical track data with

UNIX based Tactical Data Base Management (TDBM)

Systems such as Tactical Combat Operations (TCO)

system, Intelligence Analysis System (IAS), and

Global Command and Control System (GCCS) and

provides a complete geographically based

situational awareness capability including the

capability to display the GCCS Common Operational

Picture (COP) data. C2PC features include a

robust TrackPlot, Routes planning, and Overlay

Edit capability as well as the ability to embed

ActiveX objects (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, sound

files, etc.) into the tactical map display. In a

stand-alone mode (not connected to a network),

C2PC operators can produce operational graphics

and input track data and upon reconnection to a

networked TDBM track data will be synchronized.

With this electronic connectivity, C2PC becomes a

powerful tool for the commander by providing a

Common Tactical Picture throughout his command.

Sub-Functions Emulates Tactical Combat Operations (TCO)

application in a PC environment.

Equipment Requirements Recommended: Pentium Pro 400 Mhz processor with

at least 128 MB RAM. Minimum: P5-120 MHz

processor with 32MB RAM.

Connectivity Requirements Connectivity to SIPRNET or NIPRNET via Windows NT

based platform.

Crypto Requirements Normal network security.

Normal Locations USMC system for use from MEF operations centers

down to squadron and battalion level operations.

Information Managed Graphical situational awareness, tactical and

strategic situations for all warfare areas,

Course of Action graphics/overlays, imagery plan

overlays and datum conversion to WGS 84.

Products Created Graphic overlays exportable to Power Point as a

.gif file for hardcopy printout. Overlays can be

transmitted to other C2PC via the network. C2PC

has embedded text file, but no logistics product


Lead Service/Contractor USMC, Marine Corps Systems Command

(MARCORSYSCOM)/Inter-National Research Institute


Current Fielding Status Version 5.6.3 is currently fielded to all three

MEFs down to the Battalion level. Version 5.8.x

will be fielded in 4th quarter calendar year

2001. The new version has user configurable

menus and tool bars, drag and drop tracks, edit

undo/redo for overlays, GPS distance filtering,

compare and merge tracks.

Known Problems Conversion problems regarding overlay arrows

between C2PC and Track Database Manager.

DIICOE Compliance Rating N/A

Point of Contact Program Manager Information Systems, Marine Corps

Systems Command, Randy Ream.

Updated by Capt Jamie Knapp, USMC, CCSC-01.



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