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Army Company Information System (ARCIS)

Primary Purpose The purpose of ARCIS is to automate the

day-to-day administration operations to support

company personnel. These operations include

recording personnel information about a soldier

including rank, reenlistment dates, MOS skill

descriptions, recording training and physical

fitness information, generating company reports,

family care packages and maintaining duty

rosters, and leave information. In addition,

various database maintenance functions can be

performed including backing up and restoring

files, transferring file, creating a diskette for



Equipment Requirements The CPU is an IBM compatible 386 or higher. The

system requires a minimum of 4 MEGS of memory (1

conventional and 3 extended). ARCIS will run

under DOS, Windows 95, 98. ARCIS will not run

properly under Windows NT unless you have dual

boot capabilities.

Connectivity Requirements CPU connected on a local area network.

Crypto Requirements N/A

Normal Locations The ARCIS system is usually located in the

training office or the orderly room of the


Information Managed Field Systems Division-TAPC-FS - The ARCIS system

is used For Official Use Only.

Products Created The ARCIS program has a number of reports.

Commander Programs has sub-menus for general

info, programs, training, and military justice.

Reports Company has sub-menus for company reports

and rosters/logs. 1SG Programs have sub-menus

for duty rosters, leaves, sponsorship program,

car registration, change mail address card, and

daily status. Data Exchange has sub-menus for

SIDPERS conversion, in/out processing, SIDPERS

file transfer, export/import, UCAS/SOS, and ARCIS

file transfer. User Packages has sub-menus DOS

packages and shell to DOS. ARCIS Operations has

sub-menus system administration, USER

ID/Password, PIC, index rebuild, and ASF/OMF.

Lead Service/Contractor Commander


200 Stovall Street, Suite 2531

Alexandria, Va. 22332-0493

Current Fielding Status Used throughout the Army.

Current software version: ARCIS A15-01-00,

utilizing a graphic user interface (GUI).

Known Problems DOS based, not Windows based. ARCIS cannot run on

a PC loaded with Windows NT unless you have the

ability to dual boot to DOS.

DIICOE Compliance Rating N/A

Point of Contact Branch chief: Mrs. Wendy Leaked (DSN 221-3799),

Help desk analyst: SFC Martinez (DSN 221-3829),

Mrs. Benyard, DSN 221-3843, Internet:

Updated by CPT Sang D. Han, USA, CCSC-01



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