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Afloat Planning System (APS)

Primary Purpose Provide shipboard capability for planning,

distributing, and employment support of TOMAHAWK

Land Attack Missile (TLAM) missions. Provides a

three dimensional representation of the target

area and flight path and prepares precise aiming

points. APS is the shipboard version of a

shore-based Cruise Missile Support Activity


Sub-Functions Mission planning, intelligence, mission analysis,

mission route analysis, route planning, and

perspective scenes.

Equipment Requirements Three TAC-4 workstations (TLAM planning system

afloat (TPSA) and mission distribution system

(MDS)) and the digital imagery workstation suite

afloat (DIWSA).

Connectivity Requirements LAN (Ethernet), STU-III, generic front-end

computer processor (GFCP) Software version 4.3.3

and 4.3.5, known as GFCP-I for surface ships.

Software version 5.1.1 and 5.2.2, known as

GFCP-II or APSV14, are for submariners.

Crypto Requirements None.

Normal Locations US Navy aircraft carriers (CV/CVN's), four rapid

deployment suites (RDS's), and four shore sites.

Information Managed National imagery, TLAM missions, and routes.

Products Created Intelligence databases, routes, missile route

analysis, route planning, and perspective scenes.

Lead Service/Contractor US Navy/ GDE, Inc., Boeing Afloat, and TIBURON

System Inc.

Current Fielding Status NSWCDD Dahlgren and NMITC installations

completed. All CVNs have been fielded. The Annual

Systems Review (ASR) meeting was held 15-16 Nov

99. ASR provided input on the latest status on

fielded systems and provided the fleet an

overview of improvement and enhancements.

Known Problems No known problems. However, APS support

detachments have been formed to support the

fleets and CINCs.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact LCDR McFadden, USN. TOMAHAWK Command and Control,

PMA 281. Phone: (301) 757-6146.


Updated by CPT Eve M. Geyer, USA, CCSC-01


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