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Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS)

Primary Purpose Automated support of the maneuver commander with

timely, accurate, coordinated fires and command

and control.

Sub-Functions Tactical artillery fire direction, target

management, fire support planning, fire mission

processing, movement control, and artillery

mission support. Also allows maneuver

commander's input for High Value and Priority

Targets and preplanned triggers. Integrates

artillery, mortar, naval gunfire, close air

support and air support functions.

Equipment Requirements The Component Control Unit (CCU) contains two 18

GB hard disk drives drive, 1 GB RAM,

internal/external LAN card, JAZZ Drive with 2 MB

capacity, CD-ROM drive with 600 MB capacity,

1.4MB floppy drive, UPS for 10 min back up, and 2

internal Tactical Communications Interface

Modules (TCIM) cards (each allowing for 2 digital

nets). Also can be operated on UCU AN/GYG-3 (V).

Connectivity Requirements VHF and HF radio, STU-III 9600 Baud, UHF/SATCOM

capable, JVMF BOM with Mil Std 188-220A protocol

to communicate with TCO (uses OTH-Gold).

Crypto Requirements Vinson family and KG-84.

Normal Locations Battery Operations Centers, Artillery Fire

Direction Centers at battalion level and higher,

Fire Support Coordination Centers, Force Fires

Coordination Center, Tactical Air Command Center,

Direct Air Support Center, Rear Area Operations

Center, Supporting Arms Coordination Centers and

selected C2 nodes within the US Army and US

Marine Corps.

Information Managed Fire plans, target lists, fire support

coordination measures, maneuver control measures,

enemy/friendly unit locations, firing unit and

ammunition information (FireCaps, GURFs, etc.),

meteorological and survey information, BDA and

movement control.

Products Created Target lists, fire plans, air support requests,

order to fire, Fire Support Annex and appendices,

and situation reports.

Lead Service/Contractor U. S. Army TRADOC/Raytheon Systems Company.

Location: 1010 Production Road, Fort Wayne, IN


Current Fielding Status Currently fielding Software version 98 to I MEF

and expect full USMC distribution NLT end of

FY-2002. Army fielding began in FY-96 and

continues through FY-07.

Known Problems Seamless integration of intelligence/sensor data

into the target selection process.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 6.

Point of Contact Capt Adam R. Kubicki, USMC, AFATDS Project Officer

Marine Corps Systems Command C4I IS

(703) 784-0860                                 DSN 278-0860                                    FAX (703) 784-0141                              email:

Updated by Captain Bob Landis, USAF, CCSC-01



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