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Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP)

Primary Purpose The Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP)

receives, processes, transmits, and distributes

tactical data link information within the Marine

Air-Ground Task Force and other services.

Sub-Functions An approved Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) to

the ADCP will commence in 3rd QTR FY01. Once the

ECP is fielded, it will provide the MACS

Commanders an option for the ADCP to either

function as an ADCP or Modified ADCP. In the

ADCP mode, the ADCP controls the JTIDS terminal

and performs the standard primary

mission/function of the ADCP. In the Modified

ADCP mode, the ADCP interfaces to the AN/TYQ-23

V(4) via a Multi-Channel Interface Unit. This

mode adds Fiber Optic Data and Voice link from

the ADCP to the AN/TYQ-23V(4), and the AN/TYQ-23

V(4) controls the JTIDS terminal.

Equipment Requirements Consists of radio and computer equipment housed

in a Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter, mounted on

a heavy High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled

Vehicle. ADCP tows a diesel generator for

electric power.

Connectivity Requirements N/A

Crypto Requirements N/A

Normal Locations Marine Air Control Squadrons (MACS).

Information Managed The ADCP provides Tactical Ballistic Missile

target data from the AN/TPS-59V(3) radar set to

joint service units via the Joint Data Network.

Products Created N/A

Lead Service/Contractor United States Marine Corps

Current Fielding Status In 3rd Qtr FY01, the ADCP ECP to interface with

the AN/TYQ-23V(4) will commence. Fielding of the

ECP will be horizontally, and will be fielded at

approximately the same time as the

AN/TYQ-23V(4). During the fielding of the ECP,

the ADCP software will be baselined.

Known Problems ADCP is not a modular design; pieces are not

reusable by other systems.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not compliant.

Point of Contact Mr. Lawrence A. Bochenek, ADCP/MADCP Project

Officer, MARCORSYSCOM PM AD (C4IAD), Quantico VA.

Commercial (703) 784-0783, DSN 278-0783, Email

Updated by Capt Justin Wilson, USMC, CCSC-01.


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