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Spectrum XXI (SXXI)

Primary Purpose SXXI is The Spectrum Management (SM) Tool

designated by the MCEB as The Joint DOD SM

standard. It is used to create, modify, renew,

and delete permanent/temporary frequency

assignments/proposals worldwide.

Sub-Functions SXXI has the following modules: Data Exchange

(provides real time access to all DOD frequency

assignments worldwide); Interference Analysis

module to determine who could be causing

interference; EW Deconfliction module used to

perform EW missions and determine what friendly

forces would be interfered with if the Jamming

mission was initiated; Engineering Tools module

has the capability to generate using NIMA

topographic data terrain coverage plots, signal

strength coverage plots, and line-of-sight

coverage plots, its also has an HF propagation

model, a Satellite look angle, a Spectrum

Occupancy Chart, a Cosite Analysis tool, and a

coordinate conversion routine (lat/long to mil

grid and vice versa); it has a JRFL module Joint

Restricted Frequency List which is used in

conjunction with the EW module to determine the

interference to CEOIs, JRFLs, and Host Nation

frequency assignments; it has an Interference

report module used with the JSIRs program (Joint

Spectrum Interference Resolution) which replaced

the old MIJI reporting system; it has an

Allotment Plan Generator used to pool frequencies

to an organization, which can be placed in a

holding area in the software so the best

frequencies can be used based on the user

background environment.

Equipment Requirements SXXI is PC based and will operate on Windows

95/98/NT 4.0 w/service pack 5 or better/2000.

Recommend a 550 MHz Pentium III processor, with

128 MB RAM, and 9 GB HDD (depends on how large a

database is to be loaded).

Connectivity Requirements SXXI can be used in a Standalone mode or

connected to the SIPRNET. To connect to the

SIPRNET user's must be using NT 4.0 w/SP5+ or a

user can connect via STU-III models 1100, 1900,

1910, or via STEs. Users who will connect to

regional servers to download real time frequency

management data must attend the SXXI training

course and fill out two separate access forms.

Crypto Requirements

Normal Locations As the Joint DOD standard, it is used by the

Service's frequency management agencies (at the

National level), all CINC's, all the component

forces, and at the post/camp/station/base

frequency manager levels.

Information Managed

Products Created

Lead Service/Contractor The lead organization is the Joint Spectrum

Center (JSC), Annapolis MD and their prime

contractor is IIT Research Institute (IITRI).

Current Fielding Status Fielded V2.0.2.

Known Problems

DIICOE Compliance Rating In process to be Level 6 compliant.

Point of Contact JSC MR William (Skip) Shealy DSN:281-4956;

Contractor: Brooks Remencus

(410) 573-7451 DSN: 281-2511 x 7451.

Updated by Captain Eric S. Johnson, USMC, CCSC-01.



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