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Retail Ordnance Logistics Management System (ROLMS)

Primary Purpose Ordnance logistics management and reporting.

Sub-Functions Inventory, notice of ammunition reclassification

(NAR), receipt, issue, and other reporting to

ammunition inventory control points (ICP).

Transaction reporting to wholesale level systems

(currently Conventional Ammunition Integrated

Management System, CAIMS) and Marine Corps

Automated Ammunition Requisition System (MAARS).

Requisitioning and other related technical data


Equipment Requirements Minimum: IBM-compatible 486/33 MHz PC with at

least 12 MB RAM; 200+MB hard disk, MS-DOS 6.0,

Windows 3.1, CD ROM, QIC-80 compatible tape

back-up, 3.5-inch diskette drive, and laser


Connectivity Requirements 14.4 kbps FAX/Modem (minimum) and Ethernet

connection (intermediate and full).

Crypto Requirements None.

Normal Locations Weapons stations, ammunition supply points, and

stand-alone modules in the field.

Information Managed Ordnance logistics management and reporting.

Products Created DD 1348-1, Receipt/Issue Document, transaction

item reports (TIRs), ammunition transaction

reports (ATRs), requisition for material,

shipment status, expenditures, receipts asset

maintenance, notice of ammunition

reclassification processing, reports for ordnance

management and posture reports. MEF wide

snapshot of ammo status. Reference tables

providing storage compatibility and

transportation load plan data.

Lead Service/Contractor USN (CDA, NAVSURFWARCENDIV, Crane, IN)/CACI, Inc.

Current Fielding Status The three-tiered integrated system of

applications has been fielded with full level

(weapons stations), client-server-based

(intermediate level such as an ammunition supply

point) and stand-alone (core level) modules. The

system is Y2K-compliant. Release 5.0 was

distributed 27 OCT 00.

Known Problems Release 4.0, printing under Windows NT, doesn't

allow a non-administrator login to print the

reporting output. Release 4.1, address database

(new install), the address database contains the

old message PLAD for UIC N49935 when reporting

ATRs. Release 5.0, generating TIR/SLIT

retransmittals (N10), when both TIR and SLIT

transactions are selected for retransmittal in

the same reporting run, the first retransmittal

is overwritten. Release 5.0, fiscal year

allowances/allocations, all

allowances/allocations not for the current fiscal

year will be deleted the first time the database

file maintenance application is run after day

300 of the calendar year.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact Mr. Jim Werne, NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane, IN, DSN

482-5015, COMM (812) 654-1358.

ROLMS Customer Support Desk, DSN 482-3957, COMM

(812) 854-3957, FAX (812) 854-7404, E-MAIL

Updated by Capt. David C. Morris, USMC, CCSC-01.



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