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Officer-in Tactical-Command Information Exchange System


Primary Purpose Supports ship-to-ship high speed and tactical

record RAINFORM GOLD exchanges, including

event-by-event track updates and OPSNOTE

narrative traffic. Long range targeting,

filtered world information, multi-targeting of

sub, surface, and aerial targets. Provides

two-way UHF SATCOM intra- and inter-battle group

communications link for teletype and

computer-to-computer targeting data.

Sub-Functions Tomahawk missile mission planning.

Equipment Requirements ON-143 (V)6 or (V)14, KG 84 (crypto).

Connectivity Requirements Operations support system; UHF Satellite capable

WSC-3 transceiver at 2.4 kbs, NTCSA (surface)

and Mk 813 (submarine).

Crypto Requirements KG 84C, Tac Series (surface, Mk 813 (submarines).

Normal Locations All submarines, ships and command centers.

Information Managed Contact, targeting data, sensor data, OTH-T Gold

message format.

Products Created Position reports, mission data updates

(Tomahawk), OPSNOTE.

Lead Service/Contractor USN, Inri (software vendor).

Current Fielding Status Fielded.

Known Problems UHF satellite constellation is aging. Constant

key problems on UHF channels. ON-143 (V)6 aging,

currently being replaced with (V) 14.

DIICOE Compliance Rating N/A.

Point of Contact Greg Silva, Space and Naval Warfare Systems

Command, 619-524-3939

Updated by LCDR Tom Wester, USN, CCSC-01


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