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Multiple Source Correlation System (MSCS)

Primary Purpose The Multiple Source Correlation System (MSCS)

provides automatically correlated air tracks from

multiple sources. In January 2001, MSCS will

display ground situation awareness information in

tandem with the aviation track. MSCS allows for

real time command decisions to be facilitated to

support tactical operations and intelligence

centers. It receives messages from a variety of

sources, in a variety of formats, correlates

information from these sources and distributes

the correlated information to selected consumers.

Sub-Functions Joint interoperability is achieved through

certification of the MSCS TADIL A/B/J interfaces

by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)

to operate within the Joint Tactical Air

Operations network. The TIBS interface has been

certified by the Air Intelligence Agency (AIA) to

operate as a Master/Manager/Provider within the

TIBS network.

Equipment Requirements Local/Wide Area Network interfaces are available

that allow connection to a Logicon LMS-16, the

Solipsys Multiple Source Correlator/Tracker, the

Ground Control Processor (GCP), and the

Deployable Ground Intercept Facility (DGIF). Work

is under way to incorporate a Theater Battle

Management Core System (TBMCS) interface that

will allow MSCS to pass air track data for

display. MSCS will also provide correlated TADIL

data to the Common Operational Picture (COP)

database within GCCS and receive the ground COP

information to establish an integrated ground/air

picture. This work focuses on the Global

Command and Control System. A Multiple Tactical

Data System (MTDS) LAN/serial interface is also

available. Because of the modular architecture of

the MCSC, other LAN/WAN applications can be


Connectivity Requirements TADIL A,B,J, TIBS, TRAP, NATO LINK-1, LAN.

Crypto Requirements KG-40, KG-84, KGV-8.

Normal Locations Worldwide NSA, USMC TACC, CAOC, U2 Deployable

Ground Station, Army Aviation Missile Command.

Information Managed The MSCS can maintain over 1000 real-time

tracks/special points (perishable data) and over

6000 emitters (retained from mission to mission).

Information is displayed against a map

background in the graphics display. This gives

the operator a view of the selected air and

ground situation. Current full duplex interfaces

include Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL)

A, TADIL B, TADIL J (serial, LAN, and Class II

terminal - future), the Tactical Information

Broadcast Service (TIBS) (TIMF, TDIMF (Rev E),

and 70 bit (Rev E)), and NSA's Near Real Time

Dissemination (NRTD). Receive-only interfaces

include NATO Link 1, PARSEC, Tactical Receive

Equipment (TRE) and Related Applications (TRAP),

and text-oriented messages (IPIR, TACELINT,


SENSORREP, and others as required).

Products Created MSCS primary function is to correlate information

from various and diverse sources to form a

single integrated operational picture of the

battlespace. MSCS provides Real-Time to

Real-Time, Real-Time to Non-Real-Time,

Non-Real-Time to Non-Real-Time, and LOBs to Air

Track correlation across all sources of

information. MSCS also correlates emitters,

convolving the error ellipse to obtain a more

precise location.

Lead Service/Contractor USMC/Lockheed Martin.

Current Fielding Status JITC Certified TADIL-A,B,J.

Known Problems None noted.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 4.

Point of Contact Major Gallagher, MARCORSYSCOM, TACC Project

Officer, (703) 784-0781

Updated by Captain Chris Richie, USMC, CCSC-01



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